[We’re Bi-List] Shaquanda’s Top 15 Biases

[We're Bi-List] Shaquanda's Top 15 BiasesHaving a bias is not always seen as a good thing, but in Kpop it is EVERYTHING. It’s the reason for getting out of bed, and checking the Twitter feeds, liking Instagram pics, and everything in between! So, I’ve decided to share with you, our lovely readers, my top 10 reasons for life itself.

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1. G-Dragon of Big Bang

G-Dragon is my absolute favorite Kpopo male artist. He is my obsession. He is an amazing rapper, singer, songwriter, fashion icon and person. I love him so much. His music is amazing. It is fun to listen to and sing along with. I even rap along with it sometimes. That’s why he is my number one bias, my Ultimate K-Husband.


2. Yonghwa of CN Blue

Yonghwa, Yonghwa, Yonghwa. Yonghwa is number two because he is perfection. I was first introduced to him by watching “Heartstrings” starring him and Park Shin Hye. What can I say about how awesome he is. He is well rounded musician and actor. #Love

Bang Yongguk

3. Yongguk of BAP

Bang Yongguk is absolutely gorgeous. He has a goofy ass grin and bang-ing body (Did you see the pun? Lol) His deep voice coupled with that grin makes me squeal every time.


4. Mark of GOT7

Dear God Mark is my future husband. He speaks English, does martial arts tricks, dances like a pro (because he is) , and raps. I can’t go wrong here. For the most part in K-POP I go for deep voice, leader, rappers.


5. Jackson of Got7

Jackson is funny and sexy. He wraps and dances and does little flip things and makes me swoon. Did I mention he speaks English? WE CAN COMMUNICATE PEOPLE!


6. Rain

Rain was my very first Korean love. Before I knew of KPOP I saw RAIN in “Ninja Assassin”. His body caught my eye. I liked his use of English and butt kicking. He is great as an action hero. Later I discovered his music and the impact he has on the KPOP world. He dances well and has a soulful voice. His older music says “real R&B” to me.

Kim Hyun Joong

7. Kim Hyun-Joong

Kim Hyun-Joong came to me when I saw “Boys Over Flowers.” I watched it for Lee Min Ho and then ditched Lee Min Ho altogether for Kim Hyun-Joong. I no longer gave a damn. I then watched “Playful Kiss” and started listening to his music.


8. Tao of EXO M

Tao is my little wushu boo. He is adorable and extremely attractive. I just love him. He seems so sweet.


9. Jonghyun of SHINee

I do not care what anyone says. Key may possibly be his boyfriend but I am his wife. Enough Said.


10. Amber of f(x)

Amber is newly appointed the number ten spot. Why? Because look at her. I am most definitely heterosexual but Amber is different territory. I like her voice, her smile and tomboy style.

Honorable Mentions:

These people are honorable mentions because they did not make the TOP 10. Still absolutely love them though.

Tae Yang

11. Taeyang of Big Bang

He needs to promote in America.

Zico (2)

12. Zico of Block B

All he got to do is say Hi to me and I will melt into a puddle of love at his feet. That voice…


13. Zelo of BAP

I am conflicted over this boy because he is clearly under aged. But I will gladly forget that fact as soon as he smiles at me.

Jaebeom (3)

14. Jay Park

He is off limits to me by my friend. However, I would dip him in chocolate if given the opportunity.


15. The Rest of Got7

I have been with Got7 seven since right before debut and OMG they are all so perfect.

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