Choiza & Sulli Caught On Another Date & Forced to Admit ‘Suiza’ Exists, Of Course Fans Lose Their Sh*t

Sulli & Choiza

Not that anyone is surprised but it turns out Sulli and Choiza really are an item. They two were caught going to see Sulli’s film “The Pirates” in a drive-thru by paparazzi extrodinares, Dispatch.

As a result both Choiza and SM Entertainment came out with statements confirming the relationship:

“Since we are still in the process of carefully getting to know each other, I hope everyone will just watch us grow together. Due to many personal reasons, and even despite the growing suspicion, I am so sorry for not being able to tell the truth right away. I thought that the best thing to do was remain silent when she was going through such dramatic time/hardships with constant bad comments and insults online. I didn’t want to be another burden to her. I found out that keeping quiet was not the answer.”


Choiza and Sulli are seeing each other and are in a relationship.”

SM Entertainment

All this stiff and heartache could have been avoided if this had just happened in the first place. I mean y’all lied like rugs even with very clear evidence, and put that poor girl through so much that she had to break from the industry. What’s worse, is as a result of their relationship going public (after months of lying that it wasn’t real) fans have been posting crazy pics of themselves burning and cutting her pictures.

It’s just sad really.

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