SHINee’s Taemin Gets a Solo Career And So Far It’s Perfection


SHINee’s Taemin is GOING SOLO. He’ll be coming out with his first mini album, “Ace,” on August 18th.

This is great for him, he is clearly a talented individual, however, I’m a little shocked Jonghyun didn’t go solo first. We’ve got ToHeart with Key and Woohyun of InfiniteMinho doing his things with dramas. That leaves us with TaeminJonghyun and Onew, and it may be my Jonghyun obsession biased, but he’d be my first pick. That aside, Taemin has been teasing up a storm and it’s all doing it’s job of creating a major buzz.

He first dropped a boat load of shockingly hot teaser pics on the 11th, then came back on the 12th with “Danger” MV teaser that has clocked over one million views. He then followed up with a preview of “Ace of ACE,” where he took us a short trip down memory lane to the beginning of his career, showing his growth and transformation as an artist. You can see his absolute boyish cuteness through the years and fall in love all over again. He came back again on the 13th with yet another bunch of pics and a highlight medley of his album.


Then, as if the teasing wasn’t doing a great job of getting his fans excited, he released his tracklist that revealed a six track mini album that will feature writing from groupmate Jonghyun (“Pretty Boys”) and TVXQ’s Changmin (“Ace”). Finally the cherry on top is the much anticipated feature of EXO’s Kai on “Pretty Boy.”

It goes without saying but I am look forward to Taemin’s mini album, which will no doubt be musically and lyrically great, especially since it will feature the work of the more than talented Jonghyun and Changmin. (But mostly Jonghyun…because I love him.)


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