[K-Style Fridays] Who Wore It Better?: Balmain Mini Edition

This week on ‘Who Wore It Better?’ we’ve got a fashion face offs in Balmain mini dresses!

Who Wore It Better? [Jun Ji Hyun vs. Dara vs. BoA] (Balmain)

First up we have actress Jun Jin Hyun and singer BoA up against each other in this Balmain Denim Mini Dress. We spotted Jun Ji Hyun wearing this dress in Harper’s Bazaar China’s May 2014 issue. BoA wore the dress to the premiere of her movie Make Your Move.

Who Wore It Better? [Soo Ae vs. Go Jun Hee vs. HyunA vs. Tiffany vs. Han Hye Jin vs. Han Cha Young] (Balmain)


Our next showdown is a battle royal in this Lurex And Silk Twill Jacquard Dress from the Balmain Fall 2013 collection. We spotted Soo Ae in the dress for Vol. 118 of High Cut magazine, Han Hye Jin in the January 2013 issue of Vogue magazine. 4minute’s HyunA, and SNSD’s Tiffany each wore the dress for the January 2014 issues of Esquire and Harper Bazaar magazine, respectively. Go Jun Hee attended the press conference for her movie, “Marriage Blue” on October 22, 2013 while Han Chae Young wore the dress in the posters for her drama Pretty Man

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