[Review] “Move” Over Stellar! 4L is Coming For The Title Of Most Desperate


In their pursuit of raw sexiness,” Four Ladies has climbed to new heights of desperation and all around badness. The quartet made their debut with on August 1st with tango inspired number “Move.” But, before we even get into the actual song and video we have to take a look at their teasers.

The group kicked of the countdown to their debut on July 28th when they released their 1st MV teaser. In the teaser two of their members could be seen having a lesbian moment, which created a mini social media storm. Many netizens thought perhaps Kpop had finally found itself a group, and a girl group at that, willing to take on real and controversial issues.

However, with the release of their 2nd and 3rd teaser videos, all hope of that was dashed. And, of course the girls earned themselves much criticism and comparison to Stellar who pulled a move, much like this one, earlier in the year. In response to all the criticism, their agency simply said:

“Our strategy is to show raw sexiness. The teasers are just the tip of the iceberg.”

Well, all the promises made, bad as they may have been, were a build up for nothing. The agency said the teasers where just the tip of the iceberg, but in fact they were the iceberg.

These girls spent four days building up a sort of hype around their debut, but when the video finally came out, I’d already seen everything it had to offer. They showed us the girls kissing in the teaser, but in the video it was completely out of place and irrelevant since they’re singing “Kiss kiss kiss me boy.” They already showed us the brunt of their choreography (down on all fours grinding on the air, and rubbing their birth canals), and the last bit of something shocking was member Sa Young spreading it wide on a chair but of course, we already saw it!

While Stellar did almost the exact same thing, except they had the good sense to keep the highlight of their choreography a secret until the MV was released, at least their song was catchy. Honestly, I don’t have any other words in my arsenal that better describes “Move” than BAD. And yet, it all seems to be familiar. The song, especially the chorus, reminds me a lot of Hyosung’s Good Night Kiss,” besides the fact they used similar lyrics, it seemed to be a slowed down tango version of her song. The choreography and the styling was a dead ringer for everything Marionette,” and then the worst part of it all, the song is brought to it’s “climax” (pun not intended) with probably the worst rap I’ve ever heard in my life.

It’s super disappointing really. If your gonna promise me something I can criticize, give me something I can really work with. I don’t know what agency this group belongs to but I just need to know why. Why debut a group if you weren’t even going try?

Final Score: 0/5

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