Anyone Home?!: 4 Idol Groups That Have Dropped Off Our Radars

Anyone Home?! 4 Idol Groups That Have Dropped Off Our Radars

In an industry as competitive as the Kpop industry, it is hard for groups to stay afloat. So, I’ve gathered a list of 4 groups that just seemed to drop off the face of the Korean Pop earth in the last few years.

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In 2010, DMTN made their debut with 6 members under the name Dalmation, with song Round 1,” which was produced by their creator, rapper MC Mong. Shortly after their debut MC Mong got caught up in a scandal about his military duty, Dari left for military services, and DayDay left the group. 15 months later they welcomed new member Simon and completely revamped their look and sound with “E.R” and later, “Safety Zone.”

After their member Daniel was caught and charged for distributing drugs in early 2013, the group kind off fell off the wagon. They could have continued promotions without him for the time being, but they never did, and other than a series of messages on Google+ they never released a statement about Daniel or the group’s future plans. The members do continue to be sparingly active on social media [Inati, Simon, Donglim, Dari]

Brave Girls

Brave Girls

My picks for the best debut of 2011, Brave Girls wowed me completely with their debut song, 아나요? (Do You Know?).” The girls continued to garner interest with their reggae number, 툭하면 (Easily) featuring Skull. However, after the release of their 2012 song Nowadays You,” and the debut of their labelmates Big Star, the girls dropped off the map. In late 2013 they promised fans a comeback was in to come in the fall, following the release of single For You.”



Now, I liked nothing about this group when they debuted. But, considering the hype that Stardom tried to create around them as the ‘female version’ of then labelmates, Block B, I expected these girls to be pumping out music.



The Gangkidz were the bane of my existence the year they debuted. They were everywhere, and, for me, it was ah-noying!! After pumping our worlds filled with stories about the Gangkidz, their debut fell flat. They were scheduled to make a debut in early 2013, but at the last minute it was revealed that only members Esther and Hyeji remained, the others had departed. Since then, there has been no news of the addition of new members, or even possible promotions for the remaining duo.

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