Monthly Music Mix: Kpop Dance Krazes

Monthly Music Mix

Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry”

Super Junior reached their peak with this number in 2009. It was the last time all 13 boys promoted together, so in addition to their absolutely addictive dance, you can reminisce on the good ol’ days with this one. To master the choreography just crotch down, clap your hands together, and proceed to beg.

Miss A’s “Bad Girl, Good Girl”

Miss A exploded onto the Kpop scene with the help their new sound, refreshing dance moves and three words every guy wants to here, “Shut Up Boy!” This song is pretty easy to follow along with, in fact their labelmates 2am have covered it a number of times.

Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”

The Wonder Girls are currently teetering on the edge of break up despite JYP’s constant denials, but these girls have forever made their mark on the genre with their 2008 hit “Nobody.” With 60s inspiration and finger wagging addictiveness, this song is a must have for your summer playlists.

Girls’ Generation’s “Gee”

“Gee” is the song that put Girls’ Generation on the map, and had everybody doing the cute crab dance in 2009. I don’t think there is anyone, new or familiar to the genre, that doesn’t know this dance!

2pm’s “10 out of 10”

2pm went on to become beastly idols, but they’ll always be known for 2008 debut song, “10 out of 10.” It’s super easy to follow this dance as well, because the bulk of it is a manlier version of SPIRIT FINGERS!!

Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra”

After years of singing ballads, Brown Eyed Girl decided to make a shift into the dance world, and with great success. The choreography for their 2010 mega hit “Abracadabra” is so fun and easy to follow, that it was used in world star Psy’s 2013 Gentleman MV. If you can sway your hips, you’ve got the dance down.

Kara’s “Mister”

Kara’s “Mister” was never meant to be promoted the way it was. After performing their signature hip dance, “Mister” became a sensation that brought the girls one of their biggest successes, and a gateway into the Japanese market. To master this dance just shake what your mama gave you.


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