[Quiz] What Kind of Male Lead Are You?

What Kind of Male Lead Are You?

01. You experienced something traumatic as a child. How do you cope with it?

a. I avoid everything and anything associated with it.

b. Suffer quietly.

c. I blame the world, and put up a wall between myself and everyone around me.

d. I’m thankful I survived so, I take advantage of everything the world has to offer.

02. Which song best describes you?

a. Simon D’s “Money Don’t Lie”

b. B1A4’s “Lonely”

c. Big Bang’s “Bad Boy”

d. Jay Park’s “Abandoned”

03. You like a girl, how do you let her know?

a. Fight with her every chance I get because when a boy picks on a girl it means he likes her.

b. Be nice to her, and always be there for her. She’ll fall for me eventually because I’m so reliable.

c. Ignore her, but always come to her rescue.

d. Tell her flat out and hope she’ll accept my heart.

04. The lady you love is moving on with another guy. You…

a. Let jealously consume me. I’m going to get her back.

b. Watch from the shadows, but prepare to step in when things go wrong.

c. Get angry. I don’t need her anyway!

d. If it makes her happy, I can let her go.

05. Your ex is back, and she wants to get back together. The problem is you’ve already moved on with someone new. What do you do?

a. Convince yourself that you’re not good enough for your new girl, then go back to your ex.

b. I’m not sure. I still love her but you love your new girl.

c. Test the waters. See if it’s worth picking up where you left off.

d. Tell her the truth, you’ve moved on.

06. Someone’s trying to frame you. What do you do?

a. Get my assistant to look into it. There’s bound to be a hole in their plans.

b. Protest my innocence until someone believes me and helps me.

c. Go confront him. I’ll beat an admission out of him if I have to.

d. Stay positive. All will be revealed in due time.

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