Jjang of the Week: f(x)’s Future Looks Patchy, Park Bom Leave Roommate & Ye Eun Makes a Ha:tfelt Change

Jjang of the Week (2)

Ciara here! Each week I’ll bring you three stories in the world of K-Entertainment. Get ready to discuss all things wonderful and crazy on Jjang of the Week!!

f(x) cancels “Red Light” promotions / Sulli takes break from the Industry

On the 23rd, fans started to notice something amiss with f(x) schedule. Without notice, SM Entertainment decided to cancel all of f(x)’s “Red Light” promotions for a month. On the 25th, SM updated f(x)’s website stating that the promotions for “Red Light” had officially ended and that Sulli will take an indefinite break due to new rumors about Choiza & Sulli’s relationship.

Ugh. What has been going on over at SM?! I honestly do feel for Sulli and for f(x). Putting bias aside, f(x) is a great group that has honestly never gotten the treatment from their agency and the recognition from the public that they deserve. “Red Light” is an awesome album and while they have had a great run thus far, it’s sad to think that their promotion cycle must come to an end. There has been speculation from fans that their might be an even bigger issue at hand with f(x) and a possible talk of disbandment. I hope that’s not the case (especially since I only started stanning them from “Pink Tape”), but we shall see what happens in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I hope that Sulli gets the rest that she deserves and that Luna, Victoria, Krystal & Amber are successful in their solo activities.

Park Bom to leave SBS Roommate

Due to the drug scandal revealed earlier this month, Bom will be officially leaving SBS Roommate. Her last show will be on July 27th. Producers of the show have mentioned that they have removed as much footage of Bom from the episode as possible while stating that it is due to the controversy the scandal has caused.

As I stated on twitter, I’m really sad that Bom will be leaving the show. I loved seeing her be silly and finally being able to interact (and become close) with people outside of YG. I honestly hope that she is getting rest and just taking some time to work on herself. I’m sure that being in the public eye is hard enough without having to deal with a scandal! As for Roommate, I honestly wonder if this is the beginning of an end. Netizens have already stated their dissatisfaction for the show, due to various reasons, and I wonder if this will be the final straw. Only time will tell. Personally, I plan to keep watching until the end. I have grown to love the cast (despite all the problems with the show itsself) and I wish them all nothing but the best.

Ye Eun HA:TFELT announces new solo project “Me?”

To end on a lighter note, Ye Eun is finally making her solo debut! On the 22nd, JYP Entertainment released a teaser video for Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls upcoming solo debut “Me?” She will be promoting solo under the new name Ha:tfelt, taken from the words heartfelt and hot, Ye Eun new song “Ain’t Nobody” is sure to be a song that shows these characteristics. So far, two teasers for the song have been revealed. Ye Eun new mini album “Me?” will contain features from Beenzino & Lim with a music video appearance by Yubin.  “Me?” will be released on July 31st as well as the music video for “Ain’t Nobody.”

FINALLY! I’m super excited that Ye Eun will be releasing a project! She’s one of my favorite voices in Kpop and since Wonder Girls is on an indefinite hiatus, I love that the current members are still working! I am really excited to hear her new project. It seem that it will be more moodier than projects that she’s released before.

What stories made your week? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter using the hashtag #JjangOfTheWeek!

f(x): Koreaboo, Omonatheydidnt || Park Bom: Asian Junkie || HA:TFELT: Omonatheydidnt

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