Ciara’s Mini Review: Jessica & Krystal

English / Korean Title: Jessica & Krystal

Genre: Reality

Network: OnStyle

Starring: Jessica Jung of Girls’ Generation & Krystal Jung of f(x)

Series?: No

Currently Airing?: Yes! So far there are only 5 episodes out (10 episodes in all), so it’s not too late to catch up!

More Info: Wikipedia

Where To Watch: HeartsDieSubs

Synopsis: If you ever wanted to see how Jessica & Krystal act on a day to day basis (and how they pair their outfits), then this show is for you. Join Jessica & Krystal as they lounge, eat, laugh and be real.

My Thoughts So Far: This show is a breath of fresh air. I love being able to see the Jung Sisters be sisters. Forget the entertainment side of the business – it’s fun to see them laugh, eat and just be playful. Although this show is full of silly moments and a cameo by Tiffany & Hyoyeon of GG, there are moments where the sisters get real with talk of dating, marriage and other personal issues. For those who still think the Jung Sisters are cold after this, well…there is no hope.

If you’re watching the show, what is one of your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Asia_247 using the hashtag #CiarasMiniReview! 

Jessica & Krystal Wiki | OnStyle Korea Facebook


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