[Series] The Kpopper’s Guide to Konversion: To Disband or Not to Disband- DBSK Edition

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Disbanded groups. This is a super tricky topic when it comes to konverting. Personally, I think it’s not the best idea to introduce a konvertee to a group that is no longer together, and making new music. The foundation of getting interested, and familiar with any genre of music is through the love of your first. As that group grows, so does your dedication. So, if you introduce your konvertee to a disbanded group, they will (most likely) never get new music, and they won’t be able to foster there love for Kpop through their love for this group.

However, if you were drawn to Kpop through a group that has since disbanded, you may want to share with your konvertee the very thing that made Kpop so important to you. And that’s perfectly reasonable. So, we’re here to help you pick the best songs, and videos of you favorite dearly departed groups, to konvert your friends with!

We’re kicking off with a list of songs by DBSK, Kpop’s biggest, and arguable most missed group!


This is DBSK’s golden child. Without a doubt this song was the groups biggest hit, and is one of their top 3 signature songs, and for great reason. The boys not only were looking their best, but they were sounding their best. It’s all good with this video!

“Why Did I Fall In Love With You”

Yes, I know this song is Japanese, but this is definitely one of the boys’ best songs. They are vocally impeccable, and the music video was so well done. Also, star alert, the female lead in the video is Mina Fujii, from King of Dramas, and also known as the WGM Global Edition wife of 2pm’s Taecyeon.

“Million Men”

This song wasn’t promoted, so it comes without the benefit of a video, and a ton of performances, but it is an great example of DBSK’s harmonizing skills, something that set them apart from the rest of the genre.

“O (Japanese Version)”

It’s another Japanese song! While there is a Korean version to this song, the Japanese version is a lot smoother lyrically, and the video was a so much better in quality. Another plus is that this song was released a little earlier in their career, so when your konvertee hopefully explores the rest of their discography, they can see their evolution without spoiling the ending.

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