Who Wore It Better?: Jo Yoon Hee vs. Choi Yeo Jin

Who Wore It Better? (Jo Yoon Hee vs. Choi Yeon Jin)

We’re back again with another fashion showdown!! Actresses Choi Yeo Jin and Jo Yoon Hee face of in DEMIN for this week’s edition of ‘Who Wore It Better.’

Both leading ladies were spotted in this black jumpsuit from the DEMIN Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Choi Yeo Jin was spotted in the jumpsuit when she attended the DEMIN Fall/Winter 2012 Collection event in Gangnam, Seoul. Jo Yoon Hee wore the jumpsuit as she modeled various pieces from the collection for Vol. 31 of 1st Look magazine.

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My vote for best dressed has to go to Jo Yoon Hee. He suit fit perfectly, and her mushroom her, and simply jewelry made her look super sexy! Choi Yeo Jin didn’t do her model body any favors when she decided to wear this suit a few sizes too big. Be sure to vote for the actress who you thought looked best in her look AND share your thoughts on each in the comments below.

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