Everybody’s Doing It!: The Klassic ‘Lip Wipe’

Everybody's Doing It! The Klassic 'Lip Wipe'

Ever watch a Kpop video and get a sense of deja vu? Not sure why? It could be that your fav idols are putting into practice a genre wide signature move. A particular favorite, practiced by just about every idol from veteran to rookie is the infamous ‘Lip Wipe.’ You know what I’m talking about. As they try hard to look….manly? or feminine? male idols, and female idols alike take their hand or finger to their lip and…well, wipe.

Come along, as we explore the many styles of this most signature of Kpop moves.

The ‘it’s ain’t nothing’ Lip Wipe

The ‘let me just throw whatever I wiped off at you’ Lip Wipe

The ‘I’m either really tired or really hungry’ Lip Wipe

The ‘leaning in so you can see all my swag up close’ Lip Wipe

The ‘I didn’t even see you there’ Lip Wipe

The so aggressive about his lip wiping’ Lip Wipe


The ‘pretty girl’ Lip Wipe

The ‘slow and steady wins the race’ Lip Wipe

The ‘just being plain ol’ cute about it’ Lip Wipe

The ‘he’s really getting all his aggressions out on that lip ain’t he?’ Lip Wipe

The ‘base an entire dance off this move’ Lip Wipe

The ‘with tongue’ Lip Wipe

The ‘you want this don’t you?’ Lip Wipe

The ‘I’m actually just wiping some drooled’ Lip Wipe

The ‘A group that wipes together, stays together’ Lip Wipe

Did we miss a ‘Lip Wipe’ share them below, and be sure to stay connected to Asia 24/7 on Facebook & Twitter


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