Review: Hyosung Gives A Confusing “Good Night Kiss”

Top Secret

It’s safe to say that Hyosung is Secret’s “face.” She has the looks, the moves, and the flare that sets her apart from her groupmates, but it’s always been suffocated by the group’s unwavering dedication to all things cute. After years of confining her stronger, sexier and quite frankly more interesting abilities to Secret’s concerts, Hyosung announced her coming solo debut in early May of this year.

Seeing as I had pretty much completely written Secret off after their last comeback, the announcement of Hyosung’s solo endeavors really didn’t interest me. Plus, Kpop doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to bringing fresh concepts to solo debuts, and I just can’t take any more of Secret’s brand of cute. However, as much as I was anticipating the worst, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from at least checking it out.

I’ll get right to the point on this one. I just short of hated this song. It’s confused, it’s lazy, and it was all expected. The “K-I-S-S-I-N-G” chant randomly inserted into the “Hush, Little Baby” inspired chorus made half the song an awkward reference to my childhood. The song spends all of it’s time bouncing back and forth between Hip Hop inspiration and Kpop roots, and I didn’t like one bit of it.

Then there’s the MV. I was so distracted by the crappy song, that I didn’t even realize what was really going on in this MV until I watched it again for reviewing purposes. The entire video is about Hyosung carrying on an affair with (I assume) her friend’s groom at THEIR WEDDING!! Not only is this a major girl code violation, but it’s hardly a message one wants to send out to the world about themselves. The “Goodnight Kiss” MV in it’s entirety was alternating shots of boobs, body waves and spread legs that really didn’t allow the storyline (if you can call it that) to be the focus. I mean why waste money to hire actors?! Don’t try to make the video something it’s not. If you want to dedicate 4 minutes to showing off how bendy your body is then do it, and own it!! I won’t like it either way, but at least it would be honest.

Hyosung’s solo debut has left me feeling as confused as it is. Seeing as I was expecting this video and song to be ripped from Secret’s unreleased stash, I was shocked (to an extent) that she steered clear of the aegyo. However, somehow the concept and the execution of this video didn’t surprise me at all. What is Hyosung going for…I mean besides the obvious? What is her genre? Her style? Sound? Her identity as an artist is so poorly defined that her solo debut had no anchor and was left to fly free in all directions. It was neither fresh nor refreshing and worse of all, it makes no case for why Hyosung even needs a solo career.

Will I be listening to this song again? I can confidently say, no.

Final Score: 1/5


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