Who Wore It Better?: Jun Ji Hyun vs. Han Chae Young

Who Wore It Better? (Jun Ji Hyun vs. Han Chae Young) [Christian Dior]

This edition of ‘Who Wore It Better?’ brings you a fashion showdown between screen sirens, Jun Ji Hyun and Han Chae Young in Dior.

Both actresses where spotted in this black high low dress, and red coat from the Christian Dior Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear collection. Jun Hi Hyun channeled the 40s for Vogue magazine’s September 2013 issue, pairing the outfit with stockings, gloves, and hat. Han Chae Young was seen the outfit when she modeled for the December 2013 issue of Elle magazine.

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While I think both ladies look amazing, Jun Ji Hyun is the reigning queen of Dior. She looks amazing in all their clothes, and this look is no exception. She found this perfect balance of fierce, and lady-like.

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