Mini K-Drama Review: Gapdong


English / Korean Title: Gapdong / Gapdongi | 갑동이

Genre: Crime / Mystery / Melodrama

Episodes: 20

Network: tvN

Starring: Yoon Sang Hyun, Sung Dong Il, Kim Min Jung, Lee Joon & Kim Ji Won

Series?: No

Currently Airing?: Yes! Only 8 episodes have aired so far, so it’s not too late to catch up!

More Info: DramaWiki Wikipedia

Where To Watch: | Good Drama
Synopsis: tvN’s latest drama Gapdong is a thrilling tale based on the Hwaseong MurdersGapdong tells the story of Ha Mo Yum (A.K.A.: Mad Monk), a detective who is trying to clear his father’s name related to the murders from 20 years ago. While trying to clear up the accusations and avoid Iltan’s new police chief (and Mo Yum’s rival) Yang Chul Gon, Gapdongi strikes again! It’s a race for time as Mo Yum tries to clear his father’s name, convince the chief of his innocence and catch Gapdongi before it’s too late.

My Thoughts So Far: I have to be honest. At first I was only interested in Gapdong because I heard that Lee Joon was in it. After reading the plot, it sounded so, I knew I had to watch. Thank goodness the latter turned out to be true, because Gapdong is proving to be one hell of a ride! Most will remember Yoon Sang Hyun as Oska in Secret GardenIf that is your only knowledge of him (as it was mine), then you will be pleasantly surprised by his character Mad Monk! He’s witty, a bit obsessed and charming…in that rugged sort of way. As of writing date, I am halfway through episode six and we have learned quite a bit about his character. One moment that stands out is Mo Yum’s realization after his father’s death. It is a moment that helps the viewer understand the reason why he is so obsessed with catching Gapdongi.

The dynamic between the characters – Mad Monk and Chief Yang (Sung Dong Il, Answer Me 1997 & 1994), Mad Monk and Dr. Oh (Kim Min Jung, New Heart), Mad Monk and Ji Wool (Kim Ji Won, The Heirs) Ryu Tae Oh (Lee Joon, MBLAQ, IRIS II) and everyone – works well because of how their paths have crossed.

Let’s talk about my fave for a second.

Lee Joon, I watched this drama for you. I screamed like a mad woman when I saw your face on my computer screen. Thank you for not disappointing me!

Bias aside, Lee Joon is doing an awesome job as Tae Oh. It’s to the point where I don’t see him as Lee Joon but as Tae Oh. Without giving too much away, I will say that his character is awesome albeit creepy.

Overall, the drama  is going great. I enjoy the fact that the characters have intertwining story lines. It helps the viewer connect the dots as well make the connections of the past and the present, more clearer.If the writer(s) continues to be clever and witty with the story line, then the drama should end on a closed case instead of a cold case.

(Gapdong Wiki, Gapdong DramaWiki)

Will you be tuning into Gapdong? Already enjoying? Share your thoughts with us in the comments?

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