Complete Breakdown of EXO’s Kris Contract Termination

KrisMay 14

  • Rumors start to float around that Kris had filed a lawsuit to terminate his contract after an article appeared on Sina
  • SM releases statement in response to rumors:

“We are trying to confirm the facts regarding the lawsuit requesting for the termination of Kris’ contract. It is a very shocking issue, but we will do our best so that EXO’s activities will go on smoothly.”

  • It’s revealed that Kris hired Cho Bum Suk, the same lawyer as former Super Junior member, Hangeng

Kris has filed a lawsuit to end his contract. There have been rumors since a month ago that Kris was going to end his contract. It is surprising and sad that a member will leave the group after two successful first years. His circumstances are similar to former Super Junior member Hangeng.”

– Sina

May 15

  • It is confirmed by The Seoul Central District Court that a contract termination from SM Entertainment was filed by Kris on the 15th (KST) and has yet be processed.
  • It’s revealed that Kris did not return to Korea with EXO-M after the group’s showcase in China, and fans at the airport were told he was spending time with family

SM Stocks

  • Hours after news of Kris’ possible departure SM stocks drop 5.82%
  • A mystery source reveals of Kris’ rights were violated by SM

“SM (Entertainment) controlled him like a pawn or a control-target rather than offering him opportunities as a celebrity…SM has claimed an absolute authority in decision making for all of his performances, events and activities.”

  • Backstage at MNet Countdown EXO-K confirms they are all shocked by news, and that there is no problems within the group and agency. Leader, Suho, was quoted as calling Kris’ actions “irresponsible,” also that Kris needs stop the lawsuit and apologize to the group and agency 
  • Members Chanyeol, Tao and Sehun take to Instagram to express, anger, and confusion.


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권선징악 勸善懲惡

A post shared by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on

Translation: “The rewarding of virtue and the punishment of evil.”



Translation: “The road is long, you can go anywhere, no one can make the decision for anyone else. The truth is always hidden from the public. Perhaps the public would side with the minority, even if that’s not the truth. The truth is only known to those that actually experienced it – for example, the 11 members, our company SM, and the staff. But the good and the bad have been switched on the outside. You all cannot know what it feels like to be betrayed, and then after betrayal everyone is siding with the betrayer. You all can have your own opinion and stance, but I just want to say, regarding the truth, we have a clear conscience. If someone wants to leave, we can’t block them, as they tried to escape here and have done so successfully. Kept it as a secret from us and the company, and ended up not coming back. A lot of people have ambition, but hopefully everyone can use it in a good way. While training until we’re sweating like crazy, but then finding out that someone won’t come back, we need to prepare the concert from the beginning with only 11 people, it’s very tiring. EXO, love you~”.

Tao also takes to Weibo to post this message:

“I’m EXO’s member Tao. I sent the messages on Weibo and Instagram. There’s nothing to hide. You cannot extinguish fire with paper – the right will always be right, and the wrong will always be wrong. Some people like to twist the truth, and some people choose to believe the twisted truth. Smart people would never twist the truth or believe in the twisted truth.”

  • All EXO members stop following Kris on Instagram except Baekhyun

Tao Updates

Fans speculate that Tao’s updates are fake thanks to CSI Netizens who found that his update came from Daejeon rather than Seoul where he is supposed to be

  • Former Chinese SM trainees take to Weibo to support Kris

“Even though I don’t know the exactly reason you’re choosing to leave too, but I believe you have bitter words you cant utter and I understand how you feel, persisted for so long, you’ve worked hard! Our futures are filled with the unknown, but it is also filled with more choices, I believe things will be better~ I also hope that overseas entertainment companies will be more protective of trainees like us who left our homes and families behind, kids who shed sweat and gave you our youth… Jiayou Yifan! We are all here.”

– Liu Chao

 “K, jiayou! Everyone has seen the hardwork you’ve put in all this while! We support you! I believe the future will be better!”

– Song Bingyang


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