[K-Style Fridays] Who Wore It Better?: Kim Hee Sun vs. IU vs. Son Dambi vs. NS Yoonji vs. Baek Jin Hee

Who Wore It Better? (Kim Hee Sun vs. IU vs. Son Dambi vs. NS Yoonji vs. Baek Jin Hee) [Red Valentino]

This week’s edition of ‘Who Wore It Better?’ brings you a fashion showdown between some of the best in Kpop and K-Drama. Actresses Kim Hee Sun and Baek Jin Hee face off against idols IU, Son Dambi, and NS Yoonji in Red Valentino.

All five ladies were spotted by Asia 24/7 wearing this floral print skirt from the Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2013 collection. IU wore her skirt with a long sleeve navy blue lace blouse by Jain Song for her November 2013 photoshoot with Ceci magazine, Kim Hee Sun with a 3/4 sleeve white blouse for the September 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Son Dambi was spotted in the skirt and a nude tube top for Grazia magazine’s October 2013 issue, NS Yoonji paired hers with sneakers, a sweater, and a bowl hat for the October 2013 issue of Sure magazine. Finally, Baek Jin Hee gave the skirt a Slut Cut for the Empress Ki press conference in October 2013.

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I loved something about how each woman was styled, but my fav is definitely IU. She’s channeling something regal with her styling, and I love it! Which lady do you think rocked this skirt best? Vote in the poll, and share your opinion on each look in the comments below.

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