Hallyu-America Crossover: Wait…Are We Sure About This?!!

Hallyu-America Music Crossover  Wait...Are We Sure About This?!! (2)

The following piece was written with a touch of sarcasm

An American crossover seems to be the ultimate goal for much of the Korean entertainment industry. And, for many fans it would be a dream come true to have their favorite Korean celebs in such close range. But, as nice as this sounds in theory, you have to wonder would it really be everything we hope for? This Kpop blogger thinks, not so much.

Why, you ask? Well, my reasoning lies in the present crossover of American music to Korean music. While Kpop may be a pretty significantly different genre than American Pop, in recent years, especially 2014, Korean artists have been looking to their American counterpart for…‘inspiration.’ And while it’s a given that with good comes bad, the bad, in my eyes at least, greatly outweighs the good.

As we’ve all noticed by now, sex and ‘sexy’ concepts have made a huge return among girl groups, with interpretations of the style ranging from awkward to down right thirsty for attention. The recent gravitation towards sex has left fans puzzled and asking ‘why the hell this happening?’ My answer. Miley Cyrus.

That’s right! The tongue wagging, twerkin’ cowgirl is to blame! Ms. Cyrus has recently been able to shed her former squeaky clean Disney kid image through extra revealing, boundary pushing, sexed up music videos, and performances. Thanks to her embracing of all things sex, she is a hot topic all over the world. And trust me, Miley’s new found, sex driven fame, has NOT gone unnoticed by Kpop’s girl groups. Oh no, Stellar’s Marionette is sufficient proof of that.

Now, I’m not one of the observers who think Miley Cyrus to be slutty, and desperate, in fact I think she’s pretty slick, and I’m still amazed to this day that fans are eating up her well
calculated, debate provoking ploys for attention. While I couldn’t have care less what she did for fame, it recently hit too close to home when rookie girl group, Stellar, resorted to down right awkward, and wildly desperate choreography in their latest MV, “Marionette.”

I am all for women channeling their sexuality in their music, but I think we can all agree it goes to far when you have to grab your ass and jiggle it around a little to convey it.

You might be thinking, sex isn’t so bad this phase will pass, but trust me there’s more to worry about, and his name is Justin Bieber! America’s resident King Duchebag has recently taken over the American news waves with his constant run ins with the law. And normally this would not be a reason for concern for a Kpop fan, but thanks to human bridge, Psy, Justin’s newest labelmate, Bieber has earned himself a
free round trip ticket into the world of Kpop, specifically YG Entertainment.His last visit to the R.O.K left blackjacks around the world feeling squeamish when pictures surfaced of him planting wet ones on the cheeks of 2ne1’s CL and Dara. He also made quite a
stir before leaving the country when he allegedly physically assaulted a club DJ, the same night he was hanging out with some of Kpop’s finest. It’s crazy! I mean, how long before his wannabe bad boy antics rub off on our precious Kpop boy bands?!!

From Left to Right, and Top to Bottom: Hyoyeon of SNSD, Justin Bieber, Wooyoung of 2pm, CL of 2ne1, Jo Kwon of 2am, Jia of Miss A, G-Dragon of Big Bang, and Jun.K of 2pm

My question to you, my fellow Kpop fans, ‘is American success really what we want for our idols?’ If it happens, the door is open for any American celebrities, good or bad, to come in and influence our beloved genre. Do we really want the likes of tabloid royalty like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber to come in and run a muck? Tell us how you feel about the consequences that come with a full blown crossover in the comments below, and be sure follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

7 thoughts on “Hallyu-America Crossover: Wait…Are We Sure About This?!!

  1. I think K-Pop might be able to learn something from American pop artists when it comes to the music video presentation. Get out of the box and get into open area type stuff but not when it comes to the sound itself. Its only been a year since i started listening to k-Pop so i have no actively seen the change in the sound of K-Pop. But I’ve heard from many people that K-Pop has changed over the years. But change is expected. Music will adapt to what is popular. But i’d lose all respect for those who are affiliated with Bieber. I would hate to see Korea idols mimic Cyrus or Beiber.

  2. Hello. I’m recently getting into Kpop myself within the last few years. I like it for what it is, Kpop. I’m an American and I don’t like Cyrus or Bieber. At the risk of sounding like a Kpop hipster, I saw Psy way before he crossed into American airwaves. I have to thank ARIRANG TV airing in America for these discoveries. Now I get to watch MBC & KBS World where I live. But unfortunately, American influence is going to impact Korean music industry. It does seem to be a one-way street.

    Well, that’s all for now.

  3. Stellar debuted in 2011. They were definitely nugus, but they were not rookies with ‘Marionette.’
    ‘Marionette’ is very sexual, but I wouldn’t put all the blame/credit on Western pop. Companies are just following the golden business rule, sex sells. It’s been selling boy groups for ages, girl group are just getting back into the ring. Because have you seen pics of Seo In Young in her short-short police uniform? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-1caifbAZ4-M/UUeelQLpzYI/AAAAAAABNks/cfTaIzY66V0/s1600/siy.jpg
    Damn, K-pop today is nowhere near that level.

    The aegyo cycle has ended and the sexy cycle is starting up again. And we can’t blame Miley Cyrus for that.

    1. I do believe that I said that the sexy concept is making a return, it’s definitely nothing new to Kpop. I of course don’t think Miley Cyrus is damning society or Kpop. This is just a bit of a sarcastic approach to the return of sex to Kpop.

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