The Kpop Playbook: Jay Park’s Guide to Wooing Korea’s Hottest

Jay Park's Guide

I consider Jay Park to be a pretty fly guy at times. He must be to have wooed some of Korea’s hottest actresses. Of course, I’m talking within the confines of his music videos, but I’m thinking there may be something to his on screen techniques to seduction. So, here are a few need to knows in the art of wooing courtesy of Kpop’s tatted up heartthrob, Jay Park.

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Know Her Name

She needs to know you care about her and easiest was to show that, is to ask for her name! It’s easy! Sure just asking her would probably work, but writing a song, and then producing a music video about wanting to know her name shows TRUE dedication.


Smooth Voice And Even Smoother Moves

All around smoothness is essential to wooing. Belt out a few ‘ooo babies,’ and a body wave, and soon you’ll be moonwalking right into her heart.

The Ol’ Yawn & Stretch

You may think the yawn and stretch move is way out of date to you, but sticking to the classics is always the best way to go. She may blow you off at first, but persistence is key.

Long Walk On The Beach

There’s a reason this activity is a dating profile standard. Ocean breeze, sand, and sunshine set the seen for romance…also, planting a piano smack dab in the middle of the beach makes for bonus wooing points.

The Serenade

Any girl will fall head over heels for a guy who can play/sing a song to her. All those K-Dramas are definitely on to something.

The ‘I Can’t Find My Shirt’

If you’ve got a six pack, she NEEDS to know about it. Casually losing your shirt, and flaunting your goods will leave her absolutely floored….and feeling a bit faint.

Know When To Go For The Kiss, Finger to Chin

Pay special attention to this technique. Your finger and her chin are match made in heaven that seems to works EVERY time. See for yourself…

Hold Her Finger

While holding hands is uber romantic, holding he finger is where the magic happens. It helps to show off your boyish qualities

Now, if you follow these plays, and stick to these rule before your know it SHE’LL be all over you!!


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