[Review] Spring is here with APink’s “Mr. Chu”

mr chu
It’s Spring and what’s a more perfect way to celebrate this new season than an APink comeback. The girls of Apink are back with their newest single “Mr. Chu.”

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I will be the first one to admit that “Mr. Chu” is seriously so catchy and perfect for this Spring season. At first, I was pretty nervous about hearing it because “NoNoNo” had been my favorite song from everything they’ve ever released. The melody is so catchy and the lyrics were pretty easy to follow along with. The thing I like most about APink is who consistent their comeback tracks have been. They’ve stuck to pretty much the same concept since their debut but as each go by the comebacks are gradually getting more mature. Honestly, what they are going on is working for them and they are slowly becoming one of my favorite girl groups. If they keep doing what they are doing, they have potential to become a top tier girl group. The music video was cute and I loved all the colors. The tennis thing was cute and all the girls looked stunning! Though at times, the video could have been passed of as a cosmetic CF.

Aside from “Mr. Chu,” the rest of the mini album was alright. It was basically just an easy listening type of mini album. “사랑동화” was a pretty song to listen to and I think it showcases all the members well, though most of the times it’s Eunji who carries the group with her voice. “Sunday Monday” was another nice song to listen to. It’s definitely the type of song I would listen to while studying or just lounging around in my apartment. The interesting things with this mini is that it has two versions of “Mr. Chu.” There is slight changes with both songs but essentially the same and one is just a version they use on stage.

Like I mentioned above, this mini album was okay. While I did enjoy it, I wish it had more to offer. I definitely look forward to what APink will bring in the future though!



Mr. Chu (On Stage): 1/1

Crystal: .5/1

사랑동화: .75/1

So Long: .5/1

Mr. Chu: 1/1

Final Score: 3.75/5

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