[GIVEAWAY] Asia 24/7 3rd Anniversary – 2 Day Giveaway: Day 2

Asia 24/7 3rd Anniversary - 2 Day Giveaway

It’s Day 2 of our 3rd Anniversary Giveaway, entry is still open for Day 1’s prize. Day 2 is an on-site scavenger hunt, so HURRY and find out how to win today’s prize!!

Day 2

포미닛월드 (4minute World)

4minute- “4minute World”

Scavenger Hunt:

Be the first to find the post with our special giveaway button (directly below), and comment with your Twitter and Facebook handles.

Giveaway Button

CLUE #1:

SistArs often share CLOTHES

CLUE #2:

Page 5



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