[CLOSED] [GIVEAWAY] Asia 24/7’s 3rd Anniversary – 2 Day Giveaway: Day 1

Asia 24/7 3rd Anniversary - 2 Day Giveaway

To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary of Kpop blogging, we’re giving away TWO Kpop CDs to TWO lucky fans with TWO days of giveaways!! Check out how you win Day 1’s prize below!

Day 1

1st Mini Album

ToHeart- 1st Mini Album

April 8th-11th


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Comment below with your answer to this question (Remember! We like it when you make us laugh):

Which ToHeart member do you think would give you the most ‘nutritious & delicious’ love?  How so?

Be sure to include your Facebook & Twitter handles with your answer.

**Extra Consideration to our followers on Tumblr & Instagram. If you do, be sure to include ALL your handles in your comment**

WINNER: Monday April 14, 2014

22 thoughts on “[CLOSED] [GIVEAWAY] Asia 24/7’s 3rd Anniversary – 2 Day Giveaway: Day 1

  1. Ahahah ok i know this is so freakin late of me but i wanted to join T^T.
    Ok so my choice goes to Infinite’s heart machine Nam Woohyun. I know he will give me the most nutritious and delicious love because of his non stop throwing hearts, saying sweet and cheesy lines and calling inspirits girlfriend. People will go like EW and I will go AW. I would never hate this person. I dont care if I will ever die from diabetes but I just love it so much when he throws a heart to us. But most of all, he is just a man in his 20’s who loves, appreciates and cares for his fans so much, just like other idols. I remember once he tweeted in perfect English to thank inspirits who waited for them outside on the cold street. It just…makes my heart melt..woohyun, who barely even knows english but managed to tweet perfectly in english. idk he just cares so much for them, and i know he will do the same for me too.ah. Woohyun knows how to cook but hoya said “not really”. I believe in hoya HAHA but who cares lol. He doesn’t have to cook the food deliciously, I will feel warm inside if he /really/ cooks for me ;o; (at least it is nutritious)

    Facebook: Choo Chiew Yenn
    Twitter: poopgyu
    thanks for holding the giveaway! 😉

  2. I hope this isn’t too late!
    Facebook: Jocelyn Chan
    Twitter: @Woohyniee

    In my opinion, I believe that Woohyun would give me the most
    ‘nutritious & delicious’ love. To be honest, my #1 group is Infinite and my bias is Woohyun. The reason why I believe Woohyun would give me the most ‘nutritious & delicious’ love is because Woohyun is a sweet heart. He always take care of his fans, giving them fan service and love. For example, at OGS and OGSR concert, not only did he provide fan service, he also spent his own money to pay for the ring and the flowers for the lucky fan at each concert they went during their world tour. (Most received an expensive ring and flowers from him. too bad I wasn’t the lucky one.) In addition, his voice will melt all the girls hearts, especially me. and, he can also cook for me, so that’s a super A++. (Delicious love right here 😀 ) And and, Woohyun is so fluffy and cute. He will always be there to protect me and make sure I am always happy. He’s a super whooper happy virus and he can make any girl smile. ♥ Although I am not able to attend the LA concert Infinite is going to attend tmr, I am sure that Woohyun will continue to provide his nutritious & delicious towards his lovely fans.

    By the way, thank you so much for this contest! This really gives us, the fans that are unable to purchase merch a chance to win things! thank you again ! ^____^/ ♥♥

  3. actually i’m SHAWOL and i love our DIVA a lotttttt but i think WooHyun will give me the nutritious & delicious love why is that ? hehhe coz i think that Key is a play boy lool i dont know why i feel that but i just do i think if i go out with him in a date he can look to other girls but i think woohyun is so cute xD and i didnt know him long time ago but i think he can give me the nutritious & delicious love he seems too lovely handsome honest ! but actually i’d like both of them to give me the nutritious & delicious love xD i wish i can be that girl in the MV she is so lucky having Key and WooHyun fighting over her ❤
    FB : Cy rin
    Twitter : @Flamer_girl
    Tumblr : http://choicyrin.tumblr.com/
    Insagram : syrin21

  4. It’s really hard to choose from these two cute and charismatic guys, but I think Key would give me the most ‘nutritious & delicious’ love. Like in the MV, Key is so adorable when he fights against Woohyun over a girl. I would like to be that girl…so jelly..hehe…
    This shows that he’s man enough to conquer the heart of the girl he loves. (Very nutritious = healthy/strong) I like how he threw Woohyun’s bouquet away and simply smile as if he is innocent. As for delicious, I think he’s sweet and romantic. I bet Key would make everyone around me soo jealous that they crave and thirst for our love. How’s that for delicious?

  5. of course it will be key , my friends always said that we look good together me and him :p
    facebook : sophy safae
    twitter : @sophyjiyong
    instagram : sophyyy

  6. To be honest, I’m sure they both can give me ‘nutritious & delicious’ love! Look at Woohyun! He is very cool, so manly, has a great voice and has a proportionate body. He knows a lot of ways to gain muscles. His specialty is in cooking! Can you imagine? If you have a boyfriend or husband like him, who knows how to cook, every day certainly he will cook a variety of your favorite foods. That is the type of the ideal husband for women. But I’m more like KEY! ♥ He is not only handsome but he also multitalented! He has a good voice, good at dancing, and rapping as well. He is fashion experts! He is so talkative, machine raising mood and humorous. I really like the guy like that. The guy who can always be entertaining and make me laugh, as if at the time I was sad, he can make me smile again. He is also good at cooking! Key had a habit of taking care of the other SHINee members. So if you were his girlfriend, can you imagine, even though his behavior and attitude can not be silent and always attractive, he will always taking care of you every day. It is so sweet! He is a shoppaholic too! It’s the same with women hobby, so he definitely would love to go shopping with me ♥ With it all, I will certainly get ‘nutritious & delicious’ love from KEY (≧◡≦) I LOVE YOU MY AWESOME and PERFECT KEY! MY MOODBOOSTER (ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ c)

    My twitter username : @lizanatallia
    My facebook name : Elizabeth Natallia
    My instagram username : lizanatallia
    I don’t have tumblr 😦
    Thank you so much for making this giveaway 🙂
    ASIA 24/7 짱! 사랑해 ♥

  7. I think both guys are awesome and great performers! However, I admire Key more, since I was a Shinee fan before and still am. I was even able to go to their 5th anniversary concert in Taiwan, and man, seeing your idol in person is a dream come. >w< I also feel that Key is the type to go all out for the people he loves. He can use that high fashion sense he has to get some fabu clothing or jewelry. Also, he'd probably do silly things like attach notes to one of his poodles and send them to deliver the message. This might sound cheesy, but nutritious reminds me of "good for you" and in a relationship, support for each other is a happy thing. Cheering on the person you love knowing they are doing the same is a beautiful feeling.When I hear delicious, I think of food. I think of all the fancy food Key is able to make with his chef skills, because if I tried to cook, I'd burn everything TTwTT; Of course this is just my thoughts but I really do thing Key is not only an amazing performer, but an amazing person with an amazing personality.
    Facebook: Rosalyn Liou
    Twitter: @Bunnyliou
    Tumblr: bunnyliou

  8. Key.. I need to set up at fashion montage date with him.. My hair will be back to platinum blonde.. My friends sed I could be he his bro/sis cuz of our teased out blonde hair. Twinnie fashionistas? hell yeah! Maybe I cud live it up~ Love doesnt always mean romance love right? Bromance count? lol Checking to see if ive followed both of our accounts ^_^

  9. Definitely Woohyun. Have you seen him wearing tight white pants…I mean he has really loud vocals that match mine…..What I wanted to say is that he must have a really big pen….HEART! never mind -.-
    Facebook: Kristina Piksar
    Twitter: @Christinap8

  10. I love Shinee and Key and everything but Key is just to girly for my tastes… But i do love his piercing though… So i would have to go with Woohyun… He seems more masculine… But he still has that boyish charm!!!
    Facebook: Britni Ivie
    Twiter: @KpopAddiction89

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