[Quiz] What Type of K-Drama Leading Lady Are You?

Quiz- What Type of K-Drama Leading Lady Are You?

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01. You’re boyfriend’s mother has just handed you a check for a whole ton of money in exchange for leaving her son. What do you do?

a. Take the check, but bring it to your BF

b. Rip the check, and leave

c. Cry. Then, leave the check, but never talk to him again…or at least try not to

d. Leave without the check, but don’t tell your guy about it

02. It’s your birthday, you expect your man to…

a. Pull out all the stops. Noting is too good, and price is not an object

b. Nothing big, it’s not that big a deal

c. Plan an event with roses, and a homemade vid

d. Something small, and private

03. Your BF’s ex is back in the picture, and she wants him back. What do you do?

a. Set her straight. He’s mine now!

b. Confront him! “Who are you gonna pick?!”

c. Leave him. You can’t bear to stick around, “what if he doesn’t pick me!”

d. Sit back, and observe. He makes one wrong move, and its over!

04. Your friends describe you as….

a. Confident, and go-getter

b. Bold, and never afraid to speak your mind

c. Shy, and timid

d. Quiet, but wise

05. Your ideal type is…

a. Rich, and powerful

b. Smart, with a mind of his own

c. Sweet, and romantic

d. Someone who is sure of what he wants. “I have no time for indecisiveness!”

06. You’re at a party with your guy, when from across the room you see a girl flirting it up with him. You… 

a. Slap her. She needs to learn the hard way

b. Grab him by the ear, and drag him out

c. Run off in tears. “How could he?!”

d. If he doesn’t set her straight, I’m leaving, and kicking him to the curb

07. Which song is your anthem?

a. Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girl”

b. Baek Ji Young’s “Good Boy”

c. 2ne1’s “Ugly”

d. Miss A’s “I Don’t Need a Man”

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