[GG vs. 21 Week] Review: GG’s “Mr. Mr.” Album is Enjoyable


It’s finally here! Girls’ Generation‘s new mini album “Mr. Mr.” is out and I am quite excited to review this mini album. It’s been almost a year since we’ve had Korean music released from this group, as in all 9 members. While there has been a mixed response to this mini album, I honestly enjoyed most of it. Music is subjective of course, but hey if it makes you happy, then you do you and like what you like.

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Now, for the title song “Mr. Mr.,” while it seemed like there would be stronger beats to this song, it seems like SM tricked us again with their teasers. While the song isn’t super horrible, it isn’t as upbeat as I thought it was going to be. It turned out to be a little lackluster. I feel like the song builds up to the chorus and kind of just stays at the same level. I feel like it needed a little something more and maybe a more upbeat chorus to make it even better. Despite it being a little lackluster, it’s still something I can jam out to in the car, I actually really enjoy the song. It’s definitely a song that needs time to grow on you. I do, however, find myself humming it throughout the day and I like it more and more each time I hear it. I definitely like the concept for this comeback. It’s one of the more mature concepts they’ve had in a while. This song wasn’t the worse but it wasn’t the best either, I’m still happy for their comeback and who knows, their live performances can probably make up for the song. While I know some might disagree with my opinion on this song, I would just like to say different strokes for different folks.

The mini album is definitely more on the mellow side and I feel like I could hear these songs being played as cafe music, which if you’ve noticed I love cafe-sounding type songs! Haha) I think that’s why I really enjoyed this mini. I feel like these songs just put me in a good mood. I would say that “Goodbye,” “유로파 (Europa),” and “Wait a Minute” are my favorites out of the bunch. I’m actually listening to “유로파 (Europa)” as I write this review! Though I feel like I’ve heard a song like “유로파 (Europa)” before and I really can’t put my finger on where I’ve heard it. It kind of sounds like an ending song to an anime and I think that’s why I love listening to it. I like the mellow but still upbeat sound it has. I felt like this song has the perfect sound for spring. I think this song is more put together and the sound is better than “Mr. Mr.“. To be honest, I definitely enjoy listening to this song more. But it might just be a matter of taste in music. Can I just say how much I love Hyoyeon‘s voice in “Goodbye.” She sounds great when they let her sing in a lower register. I think that’s why I enjoy this song so much. All 9 members sound amazing in it. Overall while the album isn’t perfect, I think it’s still pretty enjoyable. I am looking forward for live stages and hopefully they perform another song from the mini album other than “Mr. Mr.”

Mr.Mr.: .5/1

Goodbye: .75/1

유로파 (Europa): .75/1

Wait a Minute: .75/1

백허그 (Back Hug): .5/1

Soul: .5/1

Final Score: 3.1/5

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