[Guest Blogger Week] Meet The Bloggers

Guest Blogger Week

Last year, thanks to the participation of The One Shots, McRoth’s Residence, Oddness Weirdness, and Saphirya, we had a successful first Guest Blogger Week. Now, in 2014, Asia 24/7 is are gearing up for our 2nd Annual Guest Blogger Week, which will be even bigger, better, and more jam packed with opinions and feels on Korean Entertainment.

With GBW less than a month away, we’re introducing YOU to our new, AND returning bloggers!

First Time Bloggers

This year we are welcoming FOUR new bloggers to our roster! Lore of Stone Cities, Leah of Zombie Mamma, Laqueta of K-Drama Central, and Tanya of Hallyu Know?!

[Guest Blogger Week] Hallyu Know?

Hallyu Know? | Twitter

Tanya is an addict! She’s unapologetically obsessed with Asian culture (particularly Hallyu), making ugly faces in pictures, sunglasses, and her salt and pepper shakers that look like ninjas. You can follow her rants and reviews at Hallyu Know?

[Guest Blogger Week] Zombie Mamma

Zombie Mamma | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Google+

Completely obsessed with all things Hallyu, Leah (aka Zombie Mamma) spends most of her time reviewing Asian dramas and fangirl spazzing over her endless list of K-pop biases, all while small zombies gnaw on her brain. You can join her, in all of her Hallyu obsessed ramblings at Zombie Mamma.

[Guest Blogger Week] K-Drama Central

K-Drama CentralTwitter

Shai is your average young adult who just happens to be obsessed with Kpop and the occasional Asian drama. This little habit has ruined her, but she’s totally okay with that! Find her on K-Drama Central.[Guest Blogger Week] Stone Cities

Stone Cities | Twitter

Lore is obsessed with Running Man, Korean dramas, and Exo. She likes math and numbers and such nerdy pursuits. She used to be a dungeon master. You can find her dwelling in Stone Cities.

Returning Bloggers

Asia 24/7 is overjoyed to be welcoming back 3 of last year’s participants

[Guest Blogger Week] Saphirya Kpop World

Saphirya Kpop WorldTwitter | Tumblr

A Kpopper since late 2010, Saphirya slowly became more interested in the Korean music in general. When she’s not spazzing over Woohyun on tumblr, she’s watching K-varieties. Find her on Saphirya Kpop World.
[Guest Blogger Week] The One Shots

The One Shots | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

They’re your K-pop junk food.

[Guest Blogger Week] Oddness Weirdness

Oddness Weirdness | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

Erika fell down the Kpop rabbit hole five years ago and has not looked back since. If she’s not working, blogging or surfing the internet for things that amuse her, you can often find her reading, being generally sarcastic or tweeting… a lot.  Go say hi to her at Oddness Weirdness.

Special Feature

This year, Asia 24/7 is excited to be working with The K-Pop Writers’ Workshop, and will be featuring work from participates of the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the workshop.

[Guest Blogger Week] Kpop Writers' Workshop

K-Pop Writers’ Workshop | Twitter

The K-Pop Writers’ Workshop is a short-term program for writers of critical pieces on various aspects of Korean entertainment and popular culture. Patterned after the workshop system used by most university creative writing programs, we strive to helpwriters improve their craft and build a network of peers. Our network of alumni includeswriters affiliated with Seoulbeats, The Oneshots, One Week // One Band and of course, Asia 24/7.

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You’ve met our bloggers, now stay connected to Asia 24/7 on FacebookTwitterTumblrInstagram, and Google+ to get all the latest news on The 2nd Annual Asia 24/7 Guest Blogger Week.

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