Concert Coverage Powered by Hallyu Know & Zombie Mamma: Boyfriend in Chicago, IL

Concert Coverage by Hallyu Know & Zombie Mamma

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Our new friends over at Hallyu Know?Zombie Mamma, upcoming participants of the 2nd Annual Guest Blogger Week, will be headed to Chicago, IL to attend the first of two stops along  Boyfriend’s US Showcase Tour. Tanya of Hallyu Know?, and Leah of Zombie Mamma will be doing live coverage of the concert on March 11 via Twitter @Hallyu_Tanya, and @TheZombieMamma. THEN for even more Boyfriend coverage, they will be doing a full review for our readers!! The concert starts at 7pm CENTRAL TIME, but live coverage starts at 6pm CENTRAL TIME on March 11th when doors open!

In addition Hallyu Know? & Zombie Mamma will be holding a giveaway for all Boyfriend fans!

Giveaway #1 – Chicago United 

If you are going to the show, follow them on Twitter @Hallyu_Tanya and @TheZombieMamma, then on the night of the show watch Twitter for updates about where they are. Then the first two people to find them at the concert will walk away with a Boyfriend jelly bracelet!

Giveaway #2 – Fans Everywhere

Between March 11 – March 18, follow them on Twitter @Hallyu_Tanya and @TheZombieMamma then tweet them, or leave a comment on either Hallyu Know? or Zombie Mamma with the answer to the following question:

‘What you would do with Boyfriend if you could hang out with them in Chicago for a day?’

The Prize: A Boyfriend tote filled with two jelly bracelets, a photo card set, and a cell phone charm plus one MYSTERY ITEM to be decided!!


Only one tweet will count per person, but RT any information about their giveaway and you get a bonus entry

The winner will be announced by March 21st!

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