[Almost] Daily Feels: YG is The New King of Writing Checks With Its Tweets, That Its Fans Can’t Cash

This past week week YG trolled like it has never trolled before. The agency took to it’s official Twitter account and literally declared war between its girls group, 2ne1, and SM’s Girls’ Generation.


I image this was SM’s reaction:

As well all know, the success of any group is solely dependent on the number, and dedication of its fans. We also know that SM based fans are on a whole other level! I mean the sheer crazy power of Elfs alone are enough to crash the internet. YES…THE INTERNET. I will bet my bottom dollar the Sones have already gathered all their forces and are waiting to ensure that the Divine 9 rule the charts for the rest of the year. My question is, why would YG do this to its loyal fans. We waited so long for a 2ne1 comeback, and because of this crazy, obviously/hopefully, drunk tweet, who knows how long it will be until the next time we hear from the girls.

YG has since deleted the tweet, but I bet after reading just a few of the hate tweets, this was all Papa YG could think to do:

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