Sunmi Releases Creepy Teaser for “보름달 (Full Moon)”

Sunmi is coming back with “보름달 (Full Moon)” and well her new teaser is a bit on the creepy side to put it lightly. To be honest, the teaser did made me jump and that’s because it’s only a 48 second video. Even if it is a bit creepy, I am very excited for the music video. I feel like with this concept they can make a very theatrical type of music video. So praying and have high expectations for the release. While Full Moon reminds me of wolves and the photo teasers imply she’s a vampire, one can only hope this doesn’t turn out to be some sort of Twilight-esque thing. But so far so good with this video teaser! “보름달 (Full Moon)” and the rest of the mini album will be released on February 17th.

What do you think of this concept? Do you find it to be creepy as well?

To see more teaser photos for Sunmi‘s comeback, check out this page.

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