Review: Good Morning Baby

Good Morning Baby

What’s not to love about waking up in the morning to the sounds of APink? As a celebration for their 1,000th day since debut and a gift to their fans for their support, APink released “Good Morning Baby” as digital single along with a music video.

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As I mentioned above, APink also released a music video along with the digital single. The music video does start off with all the members saying good morning and I know a bunch of guy fans probably love that. I mean they can totally make that their ringtones or alarm clocks on their phones! I mean now APink fans can always have the members waking them up in the morning. The music video is pretty simple and just shows like a behind the scenes type video. It showcases the girls at their photo shoot and while the girls look really pretty and cute, I would have preferred to have a music video with some sort of storyline. Though I guess since this was just a gift and not really a full comeback single, this music video will suffice.

The song is a really happy and bubbly type of song. It is the kind of song I would like to wake up to. It just sounds like a good day just waiting to start. This song does fit perfectly with APink‘s image and their overall concept. It also adds in perfectly with their discography. While I do really like the song and like to listen to it frequently, this song is catered to those who really like the bubblegum pop type of songs. Some might find it to be too girly and pop-y. But as I always say, people should always give different types of music a chance! They might just end up liking something they thought they wouldn’t have.


Good Morning Baby:  .60/1

Final Score: 3/5

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