[Almost] Daily Feels: I Know What a ‘Marionette’ is, Does Stellar?

Rookie girl group Stellar debuted all the way back in 2011, with songRocket Girls.” They did their best to get the attention of fans by revealing that former labelmate Shinhwa’s Eric was their producer, but still failed to make waves in the industry. Now, almost exactly 4 year years later, the group has returned with MV “Marionette” where they take 2014’s sexy trend to its most ridiculous of limits.

It’s been a looong time since I’ve seen a video this desperate for attention. After watching this video, I felt thirsty! I mean come on girls. I know that you want fame, but was this the only way to do it? Is it because you no longer have Eric around to add some weight to your name? The biggest offense to me is that I feel like I could maybe over look all the choreography if it remotely had something to do with being a ‘marionette!’

I guess the video is ultimately getting them the attention they wanted since it’s earned over 1 million videos on Youtube. Also, though the song is pretty good, I guess without what I’ve dubbed as the ‘butt wipe dance’ the girls wouldn’t be getting as much buzz as they are.

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Check out Stellar’s new video below, and tell us what you think of the girls’ new image:

7 thoughts on “[Almost] Daily Feels: I Know What a ‘Marionette’ is, Does Stellar?

  1. The concept was “sexual” not “sexy”. Also, the marionette the song refers to isn’t the literal one, it’s figurative. The song is about a girl being toyed with by her (I assume to be) ex-boyfriend. He uses her for sex…objectifies her, basically. THAT is the concept that the MV tries to visualize…this idea of being sexually objectified.

    Not saying this wasn’t meant as an attention grabber, it obviously was(and it succeeded); but, there’s also meaning to the video when combined with the song’s meaning. The whole video is purposely over-sexualized to reflect what the girl in the song is going through. How she’s toyed with, visually representing how she’s just become this sexual object for this guy…the “sad doll tied under string”. Even the video has a somber feeling to it…or a “crushed soul” feeling…pretty much how the girl must feel.

    1. I love your interpretation of the video, and I can see it! I wasn’t expecting them to be literal with their interpretation, however, there was no presence of a guy in the video. They really could have tried harder to make the connections, in my opinion. I mean, how do you explain the butt grabbing! ⋏_⋏ Their message could have been delivered in a much classier way.

  2. they make HyunA look like she’s not one of those sexed up artist… Honestly i’m not a big fan of HyunA since “Bubble Pop” and “Ice Cream” but i’d rather watch HyunA than Stellar… you can’t come back and start off sexed up because people will only think of you as the chick with the pretty face and hot body

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