Review: You Who Came From The Stars OST. Part 1-3


An important factor to K-Drama is a good OST. I know when I watch a new K-Drama, I definitely perk up at the sounds of an OST song. These days I just can’t get over the OST for You Who Came From The Stars.  This drama has also definitely moved up in my rankings of favorite K-Dramas of all time (and that’s saying something!) So I’m definitely excited being able to share my thoughts on the OST.

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First up is Lyn’s “My Destiny” and this song is basically the staple OST song for this drama. You know it’s going to be that one OST song that gets played in every episode. Usually with these types of OSTs it can get pretty annoying and repetitive listening to the song over and over, but this song is just so pretty and I surprisingly haven’t gotten tired of it. This song is what brings the mood to the overall drama and you just know something is about to go down when this song starts to play in the background. Though it does have this sad sort of feeling to it, which worries me. You start to wonder if this drama is going to end with a happy note with a song like this.

Next up is K.Will’s “별처럼 (Like A Star)” and can I just say that K.Will’s voice continues to be amazing in like every song. While I do find this song to be very soothing and nice to listen to, it does sound pretty similar to other OST songs. So to someone who has listen to many OSTs, they can probably get bored of listening to these types of songs. If K.Will’s music is something that is right up your alley, then I would recommend adding this to your music library.

Finally we have Younha’s “별에서 온 그대 (Man From The Stars)” and this song is just one of those songs that when you’re listening to your iPod and walking along a street, you start acting like you’re in your own little K-Drama. Everyone has that moment, right? I know it’s not just me! This song also reminds me of something straight out of an opening from a romantic comedy. If you’re not really into the happy, pop-y songs, this might be your cup of song. Though I would like to add listening to this song always make the drive much more enjoyable.

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I think when it comes to coming up with K-Drama OSTs, it’s always hard to find something that sounds new but have it fit into the drama. Like I mentioned earlier, I feel like some songs can start sounding too similar and it can create a problem because then it can just make people bored of the OSTs. But as along as K-Dramas will be around so will their OSTs. I mean come on, you can’t have one without the other. Currently, You Who Came From The Stars has 13 episodes released and I can’t wait for what this drama will bring. As along as it keeps delivering more awesome OSTs and story lines, I will definitely be here to watch it all!


My Destiny: 1/1

별처럼 (Like A Star): .5/1

별에서 온 그대 (Man From The Stars): .75/1

Final Score: 3.75/5

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