Crayon Push?: Did The Helmet Idols Just End Their Careers?


Everyone knows SM based fan groups are not to be messed with, and Way of rookie group, Crayon Pop just started a war with the fans of Divine 9 member, Sunny. Videos and gifs of Crayon Pop’s Way seemingly pushing Sunny of Girls’ Generation out of the way for a photo at the Seoul Music Awards have been circling the web, and causing a stir among fans. Some fans have declared new found hatred for the helmet wearing girl group, while others are brushing the controversy off, saying Crayon Pop would never.

The girls of Crayon Pop have since responded to the controversy saying,“How could we do such a thing to grand seniors SNSD?,” but do YOU think Way pushed Sunny or did fans blow it all out of proportions? 

4 thoughts on “Crayon Push?: Did The Helmet Idols Just End Their Careers?

  1. You ask US if Way pushed Sunny? How could we know that? We weren’t there. Nevertheless, it is proven fact that Way DID NOT push anyone, you can see it on clearer GIFs, screenshots, and videos. It’s just immature people over-reacting on a non-existent issue.

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