Leaked Pics of a Smoking Taemin Has Fans Going Head to Head…Why?

A recently leaked photo of SHINee’s Taemin has fans a netizens going at each other!!! Some say leave him be it’s his body, others are suddenly overnight antis, and it’s all leaving me asking why.


Lots of K-Celebs smoke, or pretend to smoke and it seems to pass over everyone’s head. Why is this suddenly making such big waves, enough to prompt some fans to follow in Leeteuk fan footsteps, and go to Tumblr with requests to take down all images of him smoking? It’s even being said the pictures have only made it to the web as a way to prove that Taemin isn’t as squeaky clean as his WGM persona would suggest, but I’m not sure this would even make a dent in his image.

Personally, I think smoking is nasty. I think it is the grossest habit there is, and I have never wrapped my head around why anyone would actively choose to smoke when its been proven to kill. On top of all that, I have asthma, so smoke and I are not friends. I say all that to say, I have no place to pass judgment on Taemin, and I could care less if he smokes, especially since I’m not dating him (a 1 in a million shot that I wouldn’t take)!!

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Do you have thoughts on Taemin’s recent smoking scandal? Do you think it’s even him? Share your thoughts below, and be sure to stay connected to Asia 24/7 on FacebookTwitterTumblrInstagram, and now Google+


5 thoughts on “Leaked Pics of a Smoking Taemin Has Fans Going Head to Head…Why?

  1. If you look at the top picture, the cigarette is coming out of his bottom lip. It’s obviously fake. Instead of photoshopping things like this and starting scandals, why don’t y’all live more productive lives and maybe get a degree instead?

  2. I agree with you 100% I have asthma too so I hate being around people when they smoke but if Taemin does smoke its not like fans are gonna change his mind because smoking is addicting and I am not surprised if he does because even though he has a good boy image being a celeb is stressful…. if he doesn’t smoke who cares if he does who cares no matter how much netizens bitch about it it wont change anything

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