Trend Report: Animals, Lace & Coats, Oh My!

Trend Report

We’re back again with another round up of the biggest Korean fashion trends of moment!!


First up we have lace! Lately lace has been popping up a lot in photoshoots both in its traditional feminine form as you can see with Go Jun Hee, IU, Na Eun of Apink, and Yubin of the Wonder Girls, but also in an edgier sexy styling shown by Clara, Kim Hyo Jin, and Park Ji Yoon. Lace is definitely becoming a necessary accessory for female K-Celebs.


Next up we have FUR. Fur screams luxury, and Korea is all about it!! Since late 2013, fur has started to pop up all over with just about every K-Celeb taking part in the trend. From artists Son Dambi and 2ne1, who wore fur for their respective MVs, “Red Candle,” and “Missing You” MV to actress Clara, and model Go Jun Hee, every one is rocking the look of luxury. Even men are taking part! Actor Yeo Jin Goo has donned fur in a few of his magazine photoshoots, and Troublemaker’s Hyunseung wore some furs during the duo’s promotions.

Animal Print

The next trend to take Korea by storm is animal prints. This is not a new fashion statement for K-Celebs, but in the last few months its been on the come up once again. Actress Park Shin Hye brought some flare to her animal print by wearing colored animal print for a photoshoot. This trend is also showing up in a variety of age groups with both 19 year old singer, Kim Ye Rim, and 46 year old actress, Kim Sung Ryung looking hot in leopard print.

Colored Wool Coats

Our final trend are colored wool coats. Just like the fur coat, the wool coat is big trend for the winter. K-Celebs have been seen wearing wool coats of ever shade a lot in the last few months for photoshoots, airport fashion, and even street fashion. Park Shin Hye, Uhm Tae Woong, Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Chang Wook, Zion.T are just a few of the celebs to be spotted in one of these coats. And just like the Animal Print, its being rocked by celebs of all ages from 39 year old, Uhm Tae Woong, to 37 year old Yoo Ji Tae, to 23 year old Park Shin Hye.

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Love these trends? Hate ’em? Have some DIY tips? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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