[Almost] Daily Feels: The 4 BIG Reasons Why Kara Won’t Survive This Split

Kara (2)

Kara is facing some rocky times ahead with the announcement that they will be losing their 2nd member, maknae Jiyoung, in April. Fans, and netizens are looking at this group wondering if they will survive this major member change to make a successful comeback. Personally, I don’t see it happening. Much like with the Wonder Girls, Kara is trying to hold tight to their union, but its clear to everyone that this isn’t going to work. So, I’ve broken down my reason for doubting Kara’s survival skills in this most crucial of times.

1. They’ve Already Peaked

Kara fans might take offense to this, but considering everything this group has done from debut until now, Kara reached their peak in 2009 with “Mister,” and have struggling to recreate that level of fame ever since. If this member change up was happening when they still hadn’t hit it big (like in 2008) then I could say these girls could have a chance to make a comeback.

2. They’ve Hit A Wall With Their Music

Like I mentioned before, Kara had their biggest hit with “Mister” in 2009, and have yet to make waves like that with their music since. Kara has been in a rut for years, unable to reinvent themselves significantly. If they were able to mix up with their music and image well, I could have had higher hopes for their survival post-split. Look at their latest release, “Full Bloom.” DSP Media was probably already aware by that time that Nicole was leaving, and Jiyoung was thinking about it, and they let that disastrous album be the last thing fans heard from the group in its current state.

3. The Dynamic Has Changed Too Drastically

Like DBSK, they’ve lost a large chunk of their group, and because they can’t very well bring in new members they have to remain broken, which will and has massively changed the dynamic of the group. And while Kara has experienced big fame, they are no DBSK, a group whose big change in members have significantly changed their music. Because Kara hasn’t been able to grown musically before the loss of members, I don’t see them being able to do that now either.

4. They’re Not Focused

The main concern of the remaining members are not Kara but first a foremost, their acting careers, and second success in Japan. None of their acting careers are blossoming like other idols in the industry, yet they still are spending large amounts of their time away from the group and trying to get into more dramas. Then for 80% of the year Kara is away in Japan dropping single after single after single as they grasp tight to their popularity their. Unless they’re going to completely halt all other activity and dedicate themselves to the reinvention of Kara as a three member group, this won’t work.

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Do you still have hopes for Kara or do you think their careers as singers are over? Share your thoughts on the future of the girl group in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow Asia 24/7 on FacebookTwitterTumblrInstagram, and now Google+

2 thoughts on “[Almost] Daily Feels: The 4 BIG Reasons Why Kara Won’t Survive This Split

  1. I wonder if the 3 member Kara will debut over in Japan first, where they have decent popularity, and members drop out of groups all the time (AKB48). Then if they can keep the momentum going, they’ll make a comeback over here. DBSK didn’t do anything for 2 years after the lawsuit. Sure, SM entertainment could afford to reshape their image, while Kara was the big earner for DSP, but DSP are giving Rainbow their fair shot now, they might be able to afford to keep Kara out of Korea for a while so they can develop a new sound that suits the 3 member Kara.

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