[K-Style Fridays] Best & Worst Dressed: 2013 MBC Drama Awards


K-Style Fridays (2)

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Best Dressed [MBC Drama Awards]


There was slim pickins for Best Dressed at this red carpet, but I’ve shuffled through the crap to find 4 stand outs. First up is Joo Won, who is the only man to grace any of my Best Dressed from the 3 Drama Awards red carpets (here and here). His suit fit him perfectly, the navy blue looked so good on his skin, his hair perfection, and I loved the bow tie. He really put the ladies of the red carpet to shame.

Next up, is Han Ji Hye who wowed in this Christian Dior ball gown. She was so perfectly dressed for the occasion, it fit her nicely, and the color was beautiful. I do with she had done more with her hair, and something different with her makeup, but she still looks amazing.

Next we have Jeon So Min, who was rocking blue. From her hair to her dress she looked really well put together, and thought I am not familiar with her, I know who she is now. I do wish she had done more with her makeup, but again, I can overlook it because she looked so nice.

My last Best Dressed pick goes to Shin Se Kyung who walked the red carpet in a white dress from the Jenny Packham 2009 bridal collection. I commend her on wear an actual bridal gown, and not letting it look even remotely bridal. She looks really beautiful, although again, I was not wowed by her hair.

Worst Dressed [MBC Drama Awards]


First up on my Worst Dressed list is Uee of After School, who showed up to the 2013 MBC Drama Awards in a completely inappropriate dress. It was too short, and too informal for this kind of event. This is not a music award where its okay to be a little edgier, therefore this was no okay. In addition, I thought the dress was unflattering and made her look heavier than she is.

Next we have Cha Hwa Yeon who completely aged herself with this pink skirt, and puffy white blouse. She is completely covered from head to toe in heavy fabric that is pulling double duty and making her look heavier and older. This was an all around bad look.

Finally, I picked Lee Yoon Ji who came dressed in white. First off, I did not like the color on her, she looks washed out. Second, the cut and style of the dress looks like it was meant for a 14 year old. Third, it looks cheap, like she bought it from a prom dress store. Her makeup was pretty, but she totally missed the mark with this dress.

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