[K-Style Fridays] Best & Worst Dressed: 2013 SBS Drama Awards

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On December 31st, the biggest and brightest stars of SBS K-Dramas walked the red carpet for the 2013 SBS Drama Awards. Here is a break down of the night’s fashion:

Best Dressed [SBS Drama Awards]

There were VERY few good or impactful fashion statements this award season, and the SBS Drama Awards were no exception. However, there were two celebs who did wow me, newlywed Lee Bo Young, and Kim Mi Kyeong.

First, MC Lee Bo Young walked the red carpet in a one-shouldered navy gown from Donna Karan’s Resort 2014 collection. She kept her hair pretty simple, and paired the dress with black stripy heels. I would have liked to see her do something more with her hair, but she still looks incredible beautiful. Lee Bo Young later picked up the Producer Award in a stunning yellow stretch-cady gown from Stella McCartney. Although we’ve seen this look last year with Jung Ryeo Won, Lee Bo Young made a statement by opting for the dress in yellow.

Kim Mi Kyeong looked lovely in her black gown with sheer sleeves. She was dressed appropriately for her age, but still looked youthful by wearing sheer sleeves.

Worst Dressed [SBS Drama Awards]

No for the train wrecks of the night. First up is So Ji Sub of Master’s Sun. So Ji Sub is known for wearing some odd suits on the red carpet, but this was absolutely ridiculous. The top hat, the skirt or possible extremely oversize pants made him look like the illegitimate son of the Mad Hatter, and the Pumpkin King. He had on of the biggest dramas of the year, and was a shoe-in for an award, and THIS is what he chose to accept the biggest award of the year for K-Drama actors?! CRAY!

Next up, Kim Sung Ryung of Queen of Ambition and The Heirs. She was a part of not one, but two HUGE dramas this year, and again was a shoe-in for an award. Its not appropriate to wear a short dress to like this to such a big red carpet event, and paired with those tacky silver ankle booties, she looked a hot mess! I get that this lady has a crazy good body for being in her 40s, and she wants to show it off, but a long dress can do all that, and it would still be appropriate for the setting. Obviously, she didn’t see my suggestion.

My next pick was Apink’s Jung Eunji. She made a big impression as an idol actress with her role in That Winter The Wind Blows, and I wanted her to make just as big a statement with her dress. This was not it. The material, the cut of the dress, was weird, unflattering, and cheap looking. It was too long, and the overall she looked like she was going to prom, not the look one wants to have when trying to become an actress.

Finally, I picked Lee Jong Suk. Now, everything fits him well, and all but he looks like he came from filming a teen drama, and didn’t bother changing. His coat, and the printed jacket made him look like a character, not an actor who just had the biggest year of his career.

Worst Dressed [SBS Drama Awards] (2)

Now on to my picks for worst dressed picks that donned the ever popular trend of this award season, white. First, let’s talk Park Shin Hye. She was way too covered up, and there was so much fabric that she looked older, and bigger. On top of all that she looks like a bride, which is never the look you want on a red carpet. I feel like I’m getting redundant but like a few other ‘Worst Dressed’ picks, she had a big year this year, and this was disappointing for her to accept an award in.

Next is veteran actress, Kim Soo Mi. This lady has been in the business since 1970, and has probably walked miles of red carpets. This just was right. The plaid, the tulle, the blazer all combined for a terrible look. I don’t know who picked this for her, or who made this dress, but it was HORRIBLE.

Sung Yuri is my next pick for worst dress because she too went for white, and an incredible bridal looking white. Plus the dress looks to be too small, and it seems like she’s slouching to keep from having a nip slip. The lace sleeves are aging on her, and her hair was way too simple for a red carpet.

Finally, we have Lee Yo Won. The biggest problem I have with this dress was that it is super unflattering. The sleeves, though sheer made this WHITE dress look bridal! The bow/twist makes her body look body when in fact she has a killer figure. And, like Sung Yuri her hair was plainsville.

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Do you agree with the ‘Best & Worst Dressed’ list? Who would you add? Share in the comments, but don’t forget to stay connected to Asia 24/7 on FacebookTwitterTumblrInstagram, and now Google+


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