[K-Style Fridays] Best & Worst Dressed: 2013 KBS Drama Awards

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Asia 24/7 is breaking down the fashion from 2013 KBS Drama Awards!

Best Dressed [KBS Drama Awards]

Again, it was slim pickin’s for this award red carpet, but I did see three ladies who stood out. First is 53 year old actress, Lee Mi Sook. She was one of many to don white for the red carpet, but she put all these younger girls to shame. There is something funky going on with her boobs in this dress, it seems to me she chose to where a strapless sports bra, and it did nothing to shape or hold her chest up. Aside from how wonky her boobs look, this woman is STUNNING. Her hair, her makeup, the dress, and the shoes were all perfection, and age appropriate.

Next we have Yoo In Na, who really stood out with her metallic coloured dress. I think she looks really beautiful, and the dress fit really well, though it could have been shortened just a smidgen. She really looks beautiful.

My last pick for best dressed was Jo Yoon Hee, who ALSO wore white, but looked anything but bridal. The belt, and the extra fabric in the skirt was really pretty, and it gave her nice shape. I wish she had done something better with her hair, and opted for less chunky shoes. Besides that, she looks pretty.
Worst Dressed [KBS Drama Awards]

Now for the worst! First up is Hwang Jung Eum, who shocked me to pieces with her dress. She doesn’t look happy to be wearing the dress, and it even seems she’s not even wearing any makeup!! The dress is oversized, and just ugly with the two different sleeves, and lace going everywhere. Hwang Jung Eum had a big year with Secret Love, and she could have done so much better. I actual don’t mind her wearing white, because my pick for her was white, but this is just too bridal gone wrong.

My next pick is Lee Yoon Ji. I think my reason for this pick are quite obvious. Aside from the fact that this dress looks like a wedding dress, it is AT LEAST 5 inches too short. Her entire foot is exposed, in these ridiculous silver boot heels, and she looks a mess. I can’t believe she tried this on, and thought…WINNER.

Next is Sistar’s Da Som, who is 3rd and final ‘worst dressed’ pick rocking white. I thought her dress was plain, and boring, and had no shock value. It was ill fitting, and kind or bridal. In her group, Da Som falls into the shadows of her group mates, and if she’s going to pursue and acting career, this is where she wants to make herself stand out. This dress doesn’t do that at all.
Worst Dressed [KBS Drama Awards] (2)

Now from terribly dressed celebs in color. First up is BoA. I picked BoA because I’ve seen this dress so many times, the most memorable for most is probably CL who wore it for 2ne1’s Missing You MV. BoA is COMPLETELY underdressed. She makes no impact whatsoever, and as an idol trying to make a move into acting, she needs to try harder.

Next we have, Kim Hye Soo, who was rocking an androgynous mess on the red carpet. Kim Hye Soo is known for her curvy body, but she often does this boy/man look, and I hate it. This was not the place for it, and she looks extra crazy with that cape. Now, I picked a dress for her, and if she wants to wear pants, that’s reasonable, but there are so many nicely done pants and jumpsuites that would have more of an impact than this.

My last two picks for worst dressed are Oh Yeon Seo, and Hong Ah Reum. I can appreciate Oh Yeon Seo going for some colour, but the extra fabric around her chest looked really bad. If is was just the plain red dress, she’d have looked way better, and maybe have even made my best dressed list.

I’m not sure who Hong Ah Reum is, but I had to include her, because she was totally inappropriate in this high low black dress. It was way too short in the front, it looks cheap, and doesn’t even seem to fit her well.

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Do you agree with the ‘Best & Worst Dressed’ list? Who would you add? Share in the comments, but don’t forget to stay connected to Asia 24/7 on FacebookTwitterTumblrInstagram, and now Google+

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