K-Idol Worship: SNSD Couples Revealed, Taecyeon Rants About JYP, Rain Returns & MORE!

K-Idol Worship

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January 1

YoonA & Lee Seung Gi

  • SNSD’s YoonA and Lee Seung Gi are revealed to be an item! its being said the two have been together for 4 months. SM had this to say:

“Lee Seung Gi and YoonA are currently at the phase in which they are getting to know each other.”

Hook Entertainment released this statement:

“Since it is a personal issue, we don’t know the specific details, but it is true that the two are dating…Since both are young and only in the beginning stages, please look upon them fondly.”

  • DBSK channels the 1940s for new video “Something”

  • Dal★Shabet reveals the cover for their upcoming 7th mini album, “B.B.B”
  • Girls’ Day prepares for their comeback with teaser pics, see here
  • Rain likes big butts, and he doesn’t need lyrics to show it!! Rain returns with “La Song.”

  • Rain sings about sexy side of being 30 in falsetto. Check out is new MV “30Sexy”

Park Se Young & Woo Young

  • Park Se Young & Woo Young of 2pm to replace Taemin & Na Eun on We Got Married
  • Sistar’s Hyorin sings “Let It Go” for the Korean version of animated film, “Frozen”

  • Former member of T-ara, Hwayoung has fans wondering if she’s making a comeback after she was spotted filming a MV. Considering she just signed with Wellmade StarM, its possible.
  • Heaven Star Contents announces they’re debuting new 6 member boy band, BEAT WIN. To hold showcase on the 7th
  • Despite leaving JYP in December, Sohee will be featured on a song for JYP’s new boy band, Got7

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  • B.A.P wishes fans a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Red studded New Year greetings from BtoB!

  • Happy New Year from twer-dols, Wassup!

  • Teen Top says Happy New Year, but I can’t take my eyes away from C.A.P and his du-rag/cap and shades combo

  • Hip Hop duo, Untouchable says Happy New Year to fans from the studio!

  • Happy New Year wishes from 4minute!

  •  A very pink, and cutesy Happy New Year from Secret!

January 2

  • Girls’ Day is looking all grown up in their new MV “Something.”
  • B1A4 walks through the snow as they tease upcoming song, “Lonely”
  • JYP teases the debut of new boy band with pics of members JB & Mark, see here
  • Ailee & MBLAQ’s Lee Joon have a rocky relationship in Ailee’s new teaser “Singing Got Better.”
  • Big Bang’s G-Dragon & Kim Woo Bin kick start a bromance on MNet M Countdown
  • BEAT WIN reveals teaser vid for “She’s My Girl”

January 3

Soo Young & Jung Kyung Ho

  • Soo Young FINALLY admits she’s dating Jung Kyung Ho, and has been for about a year. The two met in September 2012 soon after he was discharged from the military
  • 2pm’s Taecyeon rants about JYP Entertainment on Twitter:

Taecyeon Tweet

Translation:If a person who doesn’t even help or supervise gets promoted, what becomes of the people who are helping and taking care of things right next to me, is it really a choice that is possible to understand? How can fans understand a company that even I, as a celebrity within it, cannot comprehend? In the year 2014 JYPEntertainment requires a reform.

Instead of marking only the time you arrive at the office and leave, it is necessary to reborn as a company that knows how to work. If a person who works at an entertainment company is not entertained, then how can you satisfy the general public? One of the “Big Three”, whatever. Instead of putting emphasis on the name, it’s time to ensure the internal stability.

If our company is aiming for the best in 2014 as well, I think that it depends not only on the producers, but also on the strength of our company’s employees. For the unappreciated JYP staffs but who deserve the actual credit

  • Rainbow announces debut of unit group, Rainbow Blaxx with teaser picks
[tweet https://twitter.com/RAINBOW_1114/status/419120995476066305]

January 4

  • SNSD’s Taeyeon creates Youtube account, first video a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Be Alright”
  • Rules are changing big time for agencies, and how they get and treat trainees:

1. New agencies now need approval from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism before they can recruit trainees.

2. The founders of new entertainment agencies will be required to have at least four years of experience in the industry, and those who have a criminal record will come under tighter scrutiny.

3. Underage trainees cannot be trained between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. or for more than 46 hours per week. [Credit: Hancinema]

  • Taecyeon apologized for his rant:
[tweet https://twitter.com/taeccool/status/419301425164734464]

Translation:  “I think it was inappropriate of me to publicly criticize my company’s management. Please understand that I wrote that in my love and passion for JYP to be the best company. From now I will be a Ok Taecyeon who will work hard and has good communications with the company.”

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