[2013 Round Up] WTF Moments: Music Videos

2013 Round Up [WTF Moments]

2013 has been a rocky road of good, bad, and jaw dropping, and Asia 24/7 is here to round up all of biggest WTF Moments for 2013 Music Videos.

U-Kiss: “She’s Mine”

U-Kiss blew everyone’s minds this year with their weirdest, and most randomly put together MV “She’s Mine.” From AJ’s corn rows to the Kiseop’s split shirt U-Kiss just didn’t seem to give a single f*ck about anything making sense this time around.

T.O.P: “Doom Dada”

Irresponsible motorcycling driving, a giant head baby, cavemen and giant zebras were only a small fraction of the weirdness that was T.O.P’s 2nd solo MV “Doom Dada.” After spending the year filming, and promoting his movie, “Alumni,” the Big Bang rapper surprised fans with the announcement of his solo comeback!! T.O.P stood out among the other 2013 solo projects of his bandmates when he decided to trade in tough, and cool for utterly odd.

Block B: “Very Good”

The seven member boy band made their triumphant return to the Kpop stage after a somewhat messy split from long time agency, Stardom Entertainment. Some figured that the departure from their agency would mean the end of the group, but Block B proved everyone wrong when they released their whacked out MV for “Very Good.”

Psy: “Gentleman”

Stripping on street sign polls, and farting in women’s faces, to pushing all the buttons in the elevator, Psy was everything but a “Gentleman” in his 2013 MV. Even with his new found fame, Psy kept it weird this year with his MV, and it was everything.

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