Review: Miss A Just Doesn’t Wow With “2집 – Hush”

2집 - Hush

JYP quartet, Miss A, has made their 1st comeback of 2013 with 2nd album “Hush.” With their new title song “Hush,” Miss A explores the sexy side of their image with a muted tale of desire.

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When Miss A debuted in 2010 they had one of the strongest and most memorable debuts of the year because, unlike much of their ‘competition,’ Miss A had a well established sense of their image and style of music. Unfortunately as they continue to promote and make comebacks, that strong foundation they debuted with, fades away. Especially since the release of their mini album, “Touch,” in 2012 the quality of Miss A’s music has rapidly been losing it’s luster and impact. Needless to say, “Hush” was just average among their past hits.

First off their’s no denying this song’s catchiness, but catchiness can only go so far, and despite it this was one of Miss A’s worst songs to date. First, and for most the line distribution was CRAZY! At this point in Miss A’s career, there is no excuse for Jia not getting a significant number of solo lines, there just isn’t. There was no apparent effort to go above, and beyond their past, but rather they stayed way within their box with such an average song, that doesn’t even hold a candle to their past hits “Bad Girl, Good Girl,” “Breathe,” and especially “Goodbye Baby.”

In an effort to reflect the title, the instrumental was muted, a concept that provides a fresh concept for Kpop, but the execution was not. The girls lacked the certain flare they once possessed, and rather than be minimalistic and clean it came off as dull, half baked, and slapped together.

  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

With each comeback, Miss A’s album sound more and more rushed, and this album comes off like it was just slapped together last minute. For Miss A to maintain their fan base, they NEED to get focused on their style once again, and return to their impeccably choreographed, well written, upbeat numbers. Also, JYPE needs to stop outsourcing their songwriters, and let JYP stay the hit maker for the agency, he knows what he is doing. 


놀러와 (Come On Over): 1/1

A real highlight of the album, that should have been the title song. It was definitely the most memorable song on the album, and with a better line distribution, it is a much better choice to promote.

Hush: .5/1

Love is U: .5/1

Spotlight: .5/5

Hide & Sick: .5/1

(Mama) I’m Good: .5/1

Like U: .5/1

Hush (Party Version): 0/1

Touch: .5/1

Over U: .75/1

Time’s Up: .75/1

If I Were A Boy: 1/1

I hadn’t listened to this song in a long while, and listening to it on this album made it stand out even more as an amazing song.

남자 없이 잘 살아 (I Don’t Need A Man): .5/1

Final Score: 2.9/5

**Some of my scores changed from previous reviews, see here**

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