Review: With The Loss Of One More Member, U-Kiss Throws All Its F*cks Out The Window

8th Mini Album- Moments

Everyone’s favorite underrated group, U-Kiss, made their second comeback of 2013 with 8th mini album, “Moments.” This time around U-Kiss was one member smaller, after the announcement was made that member, Dongho, had departed from the group for personal reasons. With the loss of their THIRD member, it seems U-Kiss has decided to throw all their feels, and f*cks to wayside and just wing it with what is, so far, one of their LEAST successful comebacks to date!!

all f*cks, to the left, to the left

Contrary to what their album cover suggest, the boys of U-Kiss went for an uncharacteristically Hip Hop sound with “내 여자야 (She’s Mine).” Rappers, AJ and Eli, take center stage on this song, with everyone else joining in for back up, a style similar to that of U-Kiss unit group, uBEAT.

Its painfully obvious that little effort was put into in the production of this album, and video. They pretty much threw a shiny, expensive car, some dancing, scantily clad girls, and a few recycled MV sets and props together, and just start dancing and throwing their hands around. For a group that’s been around for 5 years this just isn’t acceptable. That’s why, immediately after its release,“내 여자야 (She’s Mine)” has been getting criticism left, right, and center from fans for its low budget styling, production, and song quality, and when I first listened, I was on board 100% with that sentiment. However, the more I watch, the more I’m seeing that this is U-Kiss just having fun, and throwing all caution to wind, and I respect it.

For sure, this is by no means U-Kiss’ best release, that title is forever reserved for their 2012 masterpiece Stop Girl,” but its beat, and rhythm is addictive to the point where its easy to over look the laziness of it all.

As for the rest of the album, it was just continued disappointment. These songs weren’t even good enough to be considered B-sides to “내 여자야 (She’s Mine).” There was nothing inventive, or even memorable about these songs, but rather they sound like a combination of songs I’ve heard, and songs from a confused rookie group who doesn’t know what their sound or style is.

  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

U-Kiss is probably tired of being Kpop’s forever sob story. Its been written, and talked about to death that this group just can’t seem to get real recognition for their music, yet nothing ever changes. With Dongho’s departure they probably heard all the awwwws, and poor things from around the world. However, U-Kiss needs to continue to have fun with their music, but they just can’t continue with this poor of song quality.


Intro: 0/1

U-Kiss is notoriously bad, in my book, for their intros, which are basically a lot of talking. Not loving this

Mysterious Lady: 0/1

내 여자야 (She’s Mine): .75/1

불꺼 (Lights Out): 0/1

Hey Man: 0/1

잠깐만 (Just A Moment): 0/1

Final Score: .6/5

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