K-Idol Worship: Jo Jung Chi & Jung in Get Married, More Plagiarism Claims For Crayon Pop, Rain Headed to Hollywood & More!

K-Idol Worship

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November 24

  • 2am signals their return with “후회할거야 (Regret)” teaser vid. They will be releasing their 3rd mini album, “Nocturne,” on November 27th.

  • Former American Idol contestant, Han Hee Jun, pulls a John Park of sorts, and shows up as a contestant on K-pop Star. I’m guessing the only reason he entered is to hopefully find an agency in Korea, because he released his music video Bring Back the Love back in September, and earned over 1 million views.
  • J.Tune is gearing up to debut a new Hip Hop duo, Pro C. Their teaser gives us a preview of upcoming song “나쁜기억 (Bad Memory)” ft. K.Will, which will be released on November 28th.

  • Former member of F-VE Dolls, Shannon, recently appeared on JTBC’s Hidden Singer


  • Crayon Pop is accused of copying their stage consumes for “Lonely Christmas” from Japanese idol group, Momoiro Clover Z. Their agency had this to say:

“It is our first time learning about Momoiro Clover Z’s outfit. Since we used the Christmas tree as a concept, it merely looks the same, but it’s not plagiarism. Crayon Pop’s Christmas tree outfit is simply for the concept photo, not for the stage performances. “Kkurismas” stages will be performed with different outfits and the helmets that were worn during “Bar Bar Bar” activities.”

November 25

  • VIXX release Clean Version, but no less weird, of their “Voodoo Doll” MV
  • CL explains her nude scene in 2ne1’s “Missing You”

“When I heard ‘Missing You,’ I had the thought that there were no clothes that go with the song, and I wanted to honestly express the loneliness and sadness of being alone.” 

  • Twin duo, Tasty, keeps the teasers coming for comeback “Day N’ Night”
  • Hyorin explores the streets of London in “Lonely” MV
  • Doojoon’s update on his member’s activities, have me wondering if we can expect some solo promotions from Junhyung:

Lee Kikwang is currently overseas for a program where he cares for a kid, Jang Hyun Seung is busy with all ‘Trouble Maker’ activities. Yong Jun Hyung is preparing to show a new image to fans very soon.”

  • History reveals MV for “난 너한테 뭐야 (Who Am I To You)”
  • Crayon Pop teases “Lonely Christmas”

November 26


  • Korean-American, David Kim will be making his debut as Dabit on December 5th. He was originally a trainee under Choeun Entertainment, set to debut with 24K, but left the agency to pursue a solo career. He is now signed to KoffeeDream Entertainment, and will debut with single, “When the Wind Blows.”

L & Kim Do Yeon

  • Its FINALLY confirmed that Infinite’s L is dating chocolate girl, Kim Do Yeon. Woollim Entertainment had this to say:

L had been in a relationship for about four months with the girl from the September rumors. At that time, L had brought it up with the agency. To protect their artist, the company had to conceal the matter. We would like to sincerely apologize about this. When the rumors started in September, Infinite was in their world tour and the two had not even had a chance to see each other. We would like it if L, his girlfriend, and his fans were no longer hurt by this issue.”

  • 2am releases “후회할거야 (Regret)” MV
  • Hyorin is upset her boyfriend, Yoo Yeon Seok, loves wine more than her in new “너 밖에 몰라 (One Way Love)” MV
  • Minzy finally stops denying, and admits to a nose job, siting rhinitis as the reason

 “There has been a lot of talk recently about my changed appearace. I’m not the type to hide anything so I wanted to quickly come out and say it. Since long ago, I suffered when I was singing and dancing due to my rhinitis. When I went to hospital, they told me I needed surgery because my nose was crooked toward the front.”

  • Cube revealed that Rain will be making his comeback to Hollywood with movie “The Prince,” in which he will star along side Bruce Willis, and John Cusack
  • T-ara drops 1st “Do You Know Me?” MV teaser
  • Its revealed that Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA has been dating YG producer Choi Pil Kang for 3 years. Nega Network had this to say:

“We would be thankful if you would think kindly of their good relationship. Although they have a good relationship, they have not yet talked seriously about marriage.”

Interesting fact, Choi Pil Kang debuted under Nega Network in 2007 with group iM, and their debut song, “Who Do You Love,” featured none other than JeA’s bandmate, Narsha

November 27

  • Its been confirmed that Eun Ji WonJang Soo Won and Kim Jae Duk of Sechs Kies will reunite for DSP Festival

November 28

  • Nine Muses releases the teaser video for upcoming 25+ rated MV “Glue”
  • Henry takes up some part-time work at McDonalds
[tweet https://twitter.com/henrylau89/status/405958808066727936]

November 29

  • 2ne1 releases the Making Of video for their latest song, “Missing You”
  • Dabit aka David Kim releases “Whoo Whoo Whoo” teaser

November 30

  • Fiestar debuts their new reality show “Channel Fiestar”


  • Jo Jung Chi & Jung In get hitched, for REAL!! They registered their marriage on the 29th after 11 years of dating.

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