[ROKstar of the Week]: 10 Facts About Park Bom

ROKstar of the Week

1. Has an older sister, Park Go Eun, who is a cellist

2. Went to live abroad at age 6

3. Park Bom wasn’t originally selected after auditioning for YG, and kept re-auditioning

4. She is fluent in Korean, English, and Japanese.

5. Park Bom lived in LA where she went to middle school, then in Maine, where she graduated from High School, them went to Boston for college.

6. She auditioned for SM, but was rejected

7. She was the feature on Big Bang’s debut song “We Belong Together.” You can also see her in their “Forever With You” MV.

8. She loves her corn

9. She has lymph nodes

10. She was a softball player in High School

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