[ROKstar of the Week]: 10 Facts About Dara

ROKstar of the Week


1. Her brother is MBLAQ’s Thunder

Dara & Thunder

2. Moved to Philippines in 1995 and participating in talent show Star Circle Quest there, she went on to become famous and released a 2x platinum album

3. Her kiss with T.O.P in Gummy’s “I’m Sorry” was FAKE!

4. She came back to Korea on August 1st 2007, and signed with YG on August 2nd

5. Speaks Korean, English, Filipino and Japanese

6. Born in Busan

7. Deletes number from her cellphone if they don’t answers her calls, and 2ne1 members are no exception

8. She has a pretty long list of celeb admires: Choi Minhwan of FT Island, MC Mong, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon2pm’s Wooyoung, 2am’s Seulong, Kevin of U-Kiss, Park Have Jin, Kim Taegoon, and actor Lee Jung Suk.

9. Was a YG trainee for 3 years, and used a Karaoke/Norabang performance to convince her label mates she was 2ne1 material

10. A member of Lee Hyori’s fan cafe

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