[ROKstar of the Week]: 10 Facts About CL

ROKstar of the Week

1. She was originally going to debut as a solo rapper

2. Was originally a JYP trainee

3. She used to go to dance school with 4minute’s HyunA, Secret’s Zinger, Wonder Girls’ Sunye, and Kara’s Seungyeon 

4. She has a younger sister, Harin

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ma baby sis #littleonelittleone

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5. She wears size 230 shoes…or 6 in the US, 5.5 in Australia, 4 in the UK, and 36.5 in Europe!

6 . She is fluent in French, English, Korean and Japanese

7. That female voice on Big Bang’s “Hot Issue”…yeah that’s CL

8. Her father Lee Ki Jin is a children’s book author, and a Professor of Physics

9. She’s Roman Catholic

10. CL is the one who left JYP Entertainment. She sent three demo CDs to YG Entertainment, and when weeks went by with no word, she went to YG, saw C.E.O Yang Hyun Suk leaving, and gave him her demo CD. A few hours later she got a call from YG, and withdrew from JYP.

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