Ahreum’s Social Media Behaviour Has Netizens Questioning Her Sanity


Former member of T-ara, Ahreum, has netizens’ eyebrows raising with her continuously strange Instagram behaviour. If you remember, back in July, CCM announced that Ahreum would be leaving T-ara to embark on a solo career. Since leaving the group we have not heard much from her, except her increasingly regular Instagram updates. But, her Instagraming since July has gotten stranger, and weirder, and now has fans worried about her mental stability and even suicide after she shared this message on November 9th. Note, Ahreum’s birthday is on April 19th…


Translation: “My birthday! A day has passed. Everyone in Korea, wait for me. I will! Make sure to kill the pain in your hearts. You’re all having a hard time because of that, right? Day by day. Wait a bit for me. I, Lee Ahreum, is one child. I’ve lived all this while with the best posititivity. The wish I made this time is the happiness of the world. It’s not long from now so remain smiling. Promise me. I’ll promise you. Promise me. Smile for now.”

Core Contents Media only had this to say:

“In regards to Ahreum, we emphatically request that outlets stop reporting without proper verification…Please think of the young girl who is only 20 years old and we ask that the media halt any further articles in order to ease her life.”

I don’t want to be dramatic, and say this girl is going through problems when she isn’t. However, the videos are there, and they’re strange, and her messages are strange, and her demeanor is strange. A normal person would see all of this as a huge red flag. In fact, her behaviour is reminding me somewhat of Amanda Bynes’ behaviour earlier this year. I don’t trust CCM as it is, so all I can do is hope that they are helping the girl if she needs it, and are just trying to keep the public out of her life with that statement.

Take a look at some of her other weird Instagram updates:




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