K-Idol Worship: Tae Yang Returns, Old School Kpop Reunions?, Seo Hyun on Twitter, JB Joins Instagram & Much More!

K-Idol Worship

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November 4

  • Rumors surface of g.o.d reunion! But, Son Ho Young, and Yoon Kye Sang’s agency were sure to deny that anything was set in stone:

It’s true that we had a meeting related to g.o.d’s comeback, but there is nothing agreed on the promotional details or the comeback date. Their labels are all different, and there is nothing confirmed right now.” – CJ E&M (Son Ho Young’s Agency)

It’s true we received a suggestion related to a comeback. But we’re still looking things over, and nothing is decided.” – My Name Is Korea (Yoon Kye Sang’s Agency)

  • Seo Hyun of Girls’ Generation joins Twitter! Follow here
  • Girls’ Generation release full PV for “My Oh My”
  • Kim Ye Rim for GQ November 2013, see here
  • Rain performs at the 2013 Bazaar Men People of the Year Awards, and snags the award for Asia All-Around Entertainer

  • Tae Yang for Elle November 2013, see here
  • L of Infinite and Da Som of Sistar appear in the November 2013 issue of Vogue Girl, see here

November 5

  • Twer-dols, Wassup, tease their comeback song “놈놈놈 (Nom Nom Nom)”

  • Hara is pretty in pink, and purple for Allure 2013, see here
  • Newly wed, Huh Gak, teases comeback with “기만 남아” MV teaser

  • Miss A returns with sexy new MV “허쉬 (Hush).” Not sure I’m loving this song…

November 6

  • FT Island announces their comeback with 5th mini album. Look forward to teasers on 11.08, 11.11, 11.12, 11.15, and 11.18!
  • Mr.Mr to comeback on 11.08 with “Do You Feel Me,” check out their MV teaser.
  • Davichi teases their comeback song “편지 (The Letter)”
  • G-Dragon is on the cover of 1st Look, Vol. 56, see here
  • AlphaBAT  teases their debut with release of “AB City” MV teaser

  • Canadian producer RoK the Engineer reveals a collabo between Big Bang’s G-Dragon, 2ne1’s CLDiplo, and Skrillex might be in the works

[tweet https://twitter.com/RokTheEngineer/statuses/398192130956746752]

November 7

  • Changjo of Teen Top and Rock Hyun of 100% break it down in a parking lot
  • Jin debuts with “너만 없다(Gone)” MV featuring Xiumin of EXO & Kim Yoo Jung
  • FT Island continues to countdown to their comeback with “미치도록 (Madly)” MV teaser.
  • L of Infinite for L’Officiel Hommes November 2013, see here
  • Miryo & Narsha (M&N) tease their unit debut with “오늘밤” audio teaser
  • Bonus pics from Troublemaker’s “Chemistry” album, see here
  • Davichi looks regal in their 2nd “편지 (The Letter)” MV teaser
  • Mr.Mr returns with “Do You Feel Me.”
  • Tasty for Ceci November 2013, see here
  • G-Dragon releases the Short Version PV of “Who You?” So this is where all that footage went…
  • Big Bang lose their minds over Tae Yang’s comeback

View this post on Instagram

Ringa Linga is out!! #taeyang#ringalinga#bigbang#vip#rise

A post shared by TAEYANG (@__youngbae__) on

November 8

Tony Ahn & Hyeri

  • With no surprises anywhere, its been revealed that Girls’ Day’s Hyeri & Tony Ahn have split!


  • Pledis Entertainment announces the debut of NU’EST-M for Chines promotions

“NU’EST-M the group specialized for China, is going to China with the new Chinese member Jason!”

  • Official album photos for Tae Yang’s “Ringa Linga” Digital Single released, see here
  • DSP Media to hold a family concert, and Click B is set to reunite for the concert. No decision on a Fin.K.L or Sechskies reunion yet. DSP Media released this statement:

“Other groups such as Sechskies and FIN.K.L are currently in discussion. We think we’ll be able to confirm by next week.”

  • It was revealed that Kim Ye Rim will be making a comeback with a full length album! Mystic89 released this statement:

“The title song recording was completed recently. Kim Ye Rim has shown a different kind of appeal, and it’ll be a song that will make an impressive end to her year 20.”

November 9

  • Tae Yang returns with “Ringa Linga” MV

  • Mr.Mr releases the Making Of vid for their new song “Do You Feel Me”

  • JB of JJ Project is on Instagram! No one knew until now, but that okay. Follow him here


  • Rihanna mad more Kpop headlines after she followed Big Bang’s Tae Yang on Twitter
  • LPG returns with 9 members and new song “효녀시대 (Filial Daughters)” after a 3 year hiatus

  • WM Entertainment reveals B1A4 is set to make a January comeback

B1A4 will be releasing a new album in January of next year and kicking off promotions…The members are currently in the last stages of preparations.”

  • 2am announces their 5 song mini album, “Nocturne,” will be released on November 19th. Big Hit Entertainment released this statement:

“There wasn’t much problems with the recording as we started preparing for the album before Jinwoon’s accident. He’s recovered enough to the point where he can get around with crutches, and we expect that he’ll be mostly recovered by early December. It’s a shame that they won’t be able to do broadcast activities, but they’ll repay fans through their concert.”

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