[K-Style Fridays] Best & Worst: 50th Daejong Film Awards

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On November 1st the who’s who of Korean film walked the red carpet for one of hallyuwood’s biggest nights, the 50th Daejong Film Awards aka The Grand Bell Awards! Let’s take a look at who nailed their red carpet fashion, and who flopped.

Best Dressed [50th Daejong Film Awards]

Good fashion was all too rare at the 50th Daejong Film Awards, and it was such a shame, but the stars who did dress well, knocked it out of the park in navy blue. First up let’s talk about Uhm Jung Hwa. At age 42 Uhm Jung Hwa was looking sexier than all the other women on the red carpet as she rocked a backless navy blue gown from the Kuho 10th Anniversary collection. I am blown away, she looked absolutely amazing, my only wish was that her dress had been shorted just a tad, and some of the shininess on her face had been blotted,

My next pick for Best Dressed was none other than sex symbol, Clara, who sported a strappy backless gown. This how you look sexy without looking like your trying too hard which is something Clara is sometimes guilty of doing. From her makeup to her hair, to her dress, everything was beautiful, and perfection.

My last pick for Best Dressed is actress Moon Hee Jeong. She came in a navy, sleeveless gown with illusion cut outs. The dress fit her so well, and the color looked amazing with her skin tone, I thought she was perfectly dressed, and I loved her look.

Worst Dressed [50th Daejong Film Awards]

Bad fashion was rampant at the Daejong Film Awards red carpet. Some big names in Korean film completely missed the mark that night. First up is actress, Choi Jung Won who came in what was basically a black sack with a bow on it. Her dress was too big, and gave her no shape. The bow was so oversized it, that it just looked like a wad of fabric stuck to her side. Her hair should have been pulled up, and back, and she wore too little makeup.

I picked Shin So Yul, and Oh Yoon Ah for Worst Dressed for similar reasons. I felt that both their dressed looked cheap, and were ill fitting. Shin So Yul looked like she was going to prom, and Oh Yoon Ah’s dress had entirely too much going on with the beads hanging from her collar, and the beaded sleeves.

The worst dressed lady of the night was, Cho Min Soo, who aged herself by completely covering her self with thick, and heavy fabric. There is nothing wrong with a women covering up, I mean we all can’t be rocking a back like Uhm Jung Hwa’s, but if she was going to do that, Cho Min Soo should have made sure the dress fit her impeccable. The skirt was too long, her shirt was too big, it was just one big mess. As for her hair, I thought it was pulled back way too tight, which pared with her baggy dress, made her look weirdly proportioned.

Worst Dressed [50th Daejong Film Awards] (2)

Finally we come to the worst dressed men of the night. I chose actors Lee Jung Jae, Shin Hyun Joon, and Park Sung Woong, and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon all for the same reason. Poorly tailored suits. Every single man had a suit that was either too big (Shin Hyun Joon), or too short in the legs or arms. Shin Hyun Joon’s suit all together looked to be about two sizes two big, because his pant lets were pooled around his ankle. Lee Joon, and Lee Jung Jae had way too much of their shirt cuff showing below their jacket cuff, while Lee Jung Jae’s pants looked about an inch or two, too short. Park Sung Woong also had a pants that were coming up too short.

In Lee Joon, and Lee Jung Jae’s cases I also picked them for their jackets, which I thought made them look underdressed for the event.

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Some other looks of the night:

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